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What is blown and cast? Now we can see how the stretch film is made?

We know there is no single “best” movie.

No matter which app or company they are, they are different. Of course, there are some commonalities here, but there are a lot of details, and the suggestion from film experts and local representatives will be taken into consideration in the best tensile films. In fact, we can “best stretch film” is also relative — its foothold is your goal, environment and expectation.

Film experts need to consider a lot when choosing a film, such as film specifications, pretensioning performance, puncture resistance, tearing propagation and other performance characteristics that film experts need to consider.

So, I want to ask, how is the movie made? There is also a basic differences exist, the different place is as a dependent on stretch packaging equipment and film “system” of the people, to send your goods to the destination, they can be safely completed.

If the movie is not rendered, it is the actor.

Below, we can see how the manufacturing process is different. Please note that providing information is our objective and specifying a method or material is not our intention.

What is a movie squeeze?

At the beginning of the stretch, all the stretching membranes are just some polymeric material. Usually we call these materials resin. Do you know what the small particles of plastic look like? It looks like a BB, and it’s provided with a railcar or a gay lords.

As we know, the chemical engineering of membrane for a topic is a very complicated subject, generally speaking, including multilayer film, in which different resins and additives may not be included.

We can see, stretch film used in additives, one of its examples include paint, paint is used for the safety of colored or opaque film, adhesive, adhesive can provide “adhesive”, the film can achieve adhesion on its own, the third is a uv resistance, uv resistance can be stored outside of time, to prevent the film when the covering and fertilizers.


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