Do you know the reason why your stretch film breaks?

Do you know the reason why your stretch film breaks? There are seven reasons for its fracture. Now, let’s see.

There’s a lot of tension in the stretch membrane — about three to seven times per roll. But in a typical day like for busy, stretch packaging operators don’t have time to make it clear why stretch film rupture, the operator will not know the reason why leads to their tensile membrane rupture.

So, how do they do it? They reduced the tension of the film to the extent that the film stopped breaking.

Although the immediate problem have been solved, but a series of destructive, unintended consequences were produced a simple knob, the whole purpose of stretch packaging was destroyed – your goods can be transported to the destination safely that needs to be ensured.

As we all know, film fragmentation is more than just a worry. They are also a serious problem, and they are the number one problem of stretching packaging. In some ways. They are indeed enemies.

What is the reason for your stretch film? We have three items to check.

There are a lot of stretch membranes – three to seven times per roll. But in a busy typical workday, the stretched packers have no time to figure out what causes their stretch film to rupture. As we all know, film damage is more than a stimulus. Their cause was found and repaired, otherwise a series of difficult and unescapable events would be caused by them.

This film breaks the cycle.

The damage of the film is the first step in this cycle. Then the operator can adjust the set of steps, usually the tension of the film will be reduced until the film stops.

We can understand why the operators chose to do this. First, there is no time for many operators to film the root cause of the damage.



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