Stretch Wrapping


If you use two ways to increase automation, you can save a lot of money. If you don’t believe it, you can look down

You need to work smarter, not harder.

Automatically at the beginning of a cycle, a film will need to be added, and then attached to the load on the function, and, in the end, also need to be cut, which means that the operator in the case of without leaving the forklift, also can start the line cycle. You can put your driver on the forklift, and the average load per load is reduced by two minutes. The cost of this feature is about $4,000, and for a year, it’s about 30 times a day. You say this is not a very happy thing

As we can see, a lot of money has been saved by pre-stretching. One obvious consequence of this is that costs have been greatly reduced

Before the film is applied to the load, the pre-stretching roll elongates the membrane in the transmission system. The film stretches to 3000%, you can do it, you can turn 5,000 feet into 20,000 feet, and we can save a lot of money from stretching. Well, why don’t you do it? Have you ever calculated how much money you saved?

What is automatic payment?

The function of the extended wrapping machine is not only to help you pack better, but it also helps you to prevent the outflow of funds. In the years to come, even a small amount of investment can be turned into big savings.

The chart above shows the same savings for seven years. Just pack 30 pieces of goods a day, and a $14,000 machine could save you a lot of money, almost $53,900. Now, we can all see it, it’s a smart investment.



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