Stretch Wrapping

Here are five ways to stretch and wrap properly, which can reduce costs.

It’s easy to see how a stretched wrapper can ensure your load is safe… However, how to make sure your load is safe is not so obvious, and the machine can achieve the goal of controlling costs.

Today’s stretch packaging machine is versatile, it has both standard and optional features, and if you want to achieve savings, you can achieve it in a number of ways. Here are five of the most important ways:

First, the way of pre-stretching

When hand in the application of load, the use of the film, this time the pre-tension is almost non-existent, on most semi-automatic stretch wrapper, very standard is pre stretch film transmission system. Can you see two rollers in the system? They rotate at different speeds, allowing the film to stretch. Because it increases the production of each roll of film, it saves a lot of money. In fact, it’s a fairly simple equation that everyone can understand. If the speed of 6,000 feet is 12,000 feet, then it’s 100% pre-stretching, 18000 feet is 200, and so on. You buy less film and that’s the end result. If you increase from 10% pre-stretching to 200%, and pack 50 times a day, about $25,000 or more over five years are saved.

Second, labor

The reason for the cost of labor is to save time – we can see that it is possible to automate simple, repetitive tasks whenever possible. Today’s semi-automatic pallets are packed in a number of features, such as the ability to save time, to make your employees work more efficiently, and your money can be saved a lot.

For example, at the end of packing, cut off the film machine at every time of loading, about 30 seconds of time can be saved, let your employees on forklift is something you need to do.



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