Stretch Wrapping

More than 5 years of time, every day, 50 times the amount of work that needs to be completed, the single function can make you about $7000 in costs are saved, it is the basis of the labor costs of $14 an hour. If, this film has been installed, this machine for two minutes of time can be saved, and in five years’ time, about $29000 can be saved. A scale machine is installed in the frame of the turntable, which allows you to package and weigh simultaneously, and the dual processing can be eliminated. The other 30 seconds to a minute and a half needs to be saved for each load… In five years, an additional $7,000 to $21,000 labor costs were saved.

Third, security.

It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s wise to do everything you can to protect your employees. As we can see, work-related injuries are expensive in many ways. As long as from manual to semi-automatic packing, can make the staff’s physical stress reduction, if it is a better machine design, it is a security feature, risk can be further reduced, such as:

Fully enclosed wire and the elimination of travel, car or burning hazards A film delivery system is located in the same side of the control of the mast, so walk between the mast and the load is operator does not need to do, the guards around roller, prevent hand caught big wheel keep enough tray completely inside

Fourth. Space.

Whether you rent a house or buy a house, the price per square foot has a dollar value. If you haven’t already put in production, you’ll be losing money. If it is a pallet package with integrated size, it has a single footprint, but it is not a single stretch wrap and independent platform scale. Because the size of the detached is eliminated, so that space can be used for other purposes, even by adding a second shell packaging integration scale to increase the output of the same space can also be.

Fifth, destruction.

During transportation, one of the core objectives of preventing damage from being stretched and packaging is from the beginning… If you want to get product safety, you need to get it from your factory. If the goal is completed, you can save money. Load the correct number of containment vessels, locked in with a thin film of cable tray, not for a long time or drag and drop tail is safe to arrive the highest probability of, this is the simple fact. For your load, you can set the standard, and they can actually use 25% or more of the transfer loss to be guaranteed.

When you look at the Numbers, we’ve proven that it’s a smart investment to improve your stretch wrapping process with new techniques.




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