Do you know how to cut labor costs by semi-automatic stretch wrappers?

Do you know how to cut labor costs by semi-automatic stretch wrappers? If you don’t know, take a look at our article.

We all know that for manufacturing workers, their costs are expensive. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics), U.S. manufacturers pay staff salary is very high, generally speaking, the salary is a bit more than three times the national minimum wage. And the same is true in other developed countries, where they pay workers so much.

It’s their purpose to maximize the value of their people on the clock, and to do that, some smart companies are now using better tools to equip them. Their goal is to make them more efficient. Manual packaging or using obsolete machines is out of date, for them. They want to invest in semi-automatic stretch wrappers that can save time and money.

For example, a machine at the end of the film packaging cycle usually saves labor automatically, and in general, it can be saved every 30 seconds. Or an additional film begins with a cycle and reduces it to the end. The average two-minute load can be saved. That’s because their forklift driver didn’t get off.

If you need to get the machine done, then the operator can take the time to do something else. For example, they could do another job. For example, they can print the shipping tag or complete the bill of lading. This will make their day more efficient.

Doesn’t that sound cool? At the same time, within a few years, we can see that, in fact, thousands of dollars have been paid out. The chart below shows a lot of content. If you want to save labor and cost, you can do this by adding the popular automation features to the semi-automatic stretcher wrapper.

If you make the machines do a lot of work, then there’s no doubt that you’re doing better. If you add automation, the cost of the machine can be increased. However, each load is more than the labor savings. Usually, we cut it by automatically attaching the film and cutting it at the end of the loop, and the cost can be saved, and the labor is saved. Do you know what this means to you? 38 or you’ll be back in your pocket, and every time you pack it.

What is your reason for stopping here? In fact, we have other productivity improvements. For example, you can set up a scale on the turntable of a stretcher, so that you can wrap and weigh yourself. This could be an opportunity to rethink what you’re doing.


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