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Do you know the benefits of replacing the old stretch wrap with the new stretch wrap? Now, let’s see.

If “wrappers” are the words you’ve been searching for recently. Whether or not to give up the old, rusty machine in the corner may be the thing to think about.

Or, perhaps, your idea is that your old machine still works well, and for a while you don’t need to replace it.

But, do you know that replacing an old elastic wrapper is not related to whether it is still running? If you use a new stretch wrapper, it can stop you wasting money on film and labor. In addition, they have the advantage of being safer.

There are many benefits to using a new wrapper. First, it can easily save you money. Second, the risk of injury to operators can also be reduced. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of replacing old ones with old ones!

First, the cost of wasting film will be greatly reduced and reduced while working.

If a person packs 50 loads a day, it doesn’t use pre-stretch. Then, for five years, the opportunity cost about $35,000 ($32.000). Do you wish it were you?

The process of increasing production is pre-stretching. Do you know when that happened? It occurs when two rollers of the film delivery system rotate. Because of the two different speeds, the film stretches out. For example, if the film would be longer than 6,000 feet in 100 percent pre-stretching, it would become 12,000 feet.

For a while, most of the old machines lost the value of stretching. Sometimes they don’t even have the prestretched rollers.

However, it is very fortunate that most of the new stretching packages can be pre-stretched between 100% and 300%. The end result is that you can put thousands of dollars back in your wallet.

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