Stretch Wrapping


Do you know the forklift and fpc1 trays? Your stretching package needs to answer yes.

For your needs, we can design a stretch wrapper

. The thing you need to think about is buying, replacing or upgrading a stretch pack. What is one of the first and most basic questions you ask? The question is, “how does it fit? Actually, is it a forklift or a tray and pallet stretch wrapper?

As we all know, it is inevitable to have a narrow selection. The reason why we design some machines is to load the forklift. Then, you might think the right choice is a machine that can load a tray. Because it’s very obvious that it can also be loaded with a forklift.

Business change is what we know from experience. We also know that the nature of loads tends to change. However, there are also changes to labor costs, staffing, and throughput. These changes are something we cannot ignore.

You know what that means? Before you buy a machine, looking for upgrades and flexibility in the machine’s entire life cycle is what you need to do.

What is the payload of evolution?


Now it seems that for every customer, there is a specific need for loading, pallet configurations, tags, and so on. Perhaps, in general, it is often what you do (called 60) to stack products into five rows. Sooner or later, your sales and marketing team will find a new customer and this new customer is exciting. His repository receives requirements of 8 rows. Don’t you want to tell anyone about the broken machine you bought recently? We don’t think you won’t tell anyone.

Maybe you said it was to change the load: “I wouldn’t worry if we could only stack five stories. “Well, you’re probably right. However, if the situation is stronger, the direction and the correct column stack, better protection can be given to you.


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