You can choose the right pallet packaging.

If you need to start a newline cycle, the operator can use the remote control. At the end of the wrap cycle, a clamp on the automation unit can grab the film and then cut the film. The next cycle of film has been clamped in. At the same time. The need to manually fix the film to the next cycle is well removed.

By avoiding the repeat of the forklift, we can save about two minutes of work. That means $50,000 for a machine’s life.

Before stretching the wrapper, the forklift was also turned off by the operator and the seat belt was unbuckled. The operator climbed down from the forklift and wrapped everything in his hands.

So what’s going to happen?

We won’t say much about the reduction of labor. Semi-automatic stretching packaging now also has a function to reduce the load of film. The pretensioning membrane of this machine brings a lot of advantages. The company, for example, will stop losing money every year, before losing $6,000, or $42,000 in lost machine life.

The company’s freight manager said: “this semi-automatic elastic packaging has a lot of advantages. It can easily handle the transportation of our whole day, and we can save enough film costs. It’s also convenient to pay in the short term.”

Meanwhile, within a year of owning it, the machine will pay for itself. After seven years of ownership, the company retracted $79,000 in labor and film use.

This is the news that you can toast.

You can think about the new packaging. It is not feasible to pick the easiest or easiest. You can study this process carefully. Here, we have a lot of free education resources. These education resources, like our free eBooks, you can choose the right pallet packaging.


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