dry milling and wet milling tool

SC, recently introduced a new mill small diameter, according to the company, the company is a kind of applicable to shoulder milling, deep shoulder milling, edge, line, screw, universal tool milling, the milling and milling.
It is suitable for various types of machines and for different materials and applications. It is suitable for mixed production and suitable for mixed production.
The grade and size of CoroMill 3390 for all materials are 07. The newly inserted GC13130, which USES Zertivo’s technology, reportedly gives the cutter extra safety when milling steel. According to Sandvik, this small insertion can increase the density of the tooth to achieve higher productivity.
What makes this tool unique is a torque key, designed specifically for the insertion of 2007. The key has a built-in spring function that allows users to install the correct clamping force for reliable and consistent tool life. In addition, cooling technology is the standard for CoroMill 3390, which has a size of 07 to add extra heat and chip control.
The insertion of gc43035 can maximize metal removal rate, shorten processing time and improve the quality of steel parts. The product is a kind of heat-resistant cutting material suitable for dry machining, which is suitable for auto parts manufacturers to avoid the use of pressure tools due to temperature fluctuation. The insert feature of this product is the company’s wear-resistant Inveio coating.
In CoroMill 4325, SC provides an eight-edged grinding tool that can greatly improve the removal rate and tool life of the metal in the range of ISO K applications. Thanks to its innovative setup system, it is particularly user-friendly.
The company introduced CoroMill 4325, a processing tool used for the surface milling of casting materials. Its eight edges are ideal machining parts, such as engine, cylinder block, axle box, brake case, crankcase made of GCI, NCI and CGI materials. Because of its patented setting system, the tool has a highly accurate and reliable insertion location, making the setting very simple.
In CoroMill 4325, the same insertion can be inserted as a job or wiper. The insert of the wiper is mounted on the tape on the tool surface. Using 25 plug – in and groove groove insert design, it can reduce the fracture and burr on the workpiece. A wear-resistant gc1010p10pd, used for dry milling and wet milling of K20W, which is used for a long time in CGI materials.