Standard machine configuration listed below. Please contact your sales repre-sentative for other available configuration.



Working mode: Auto

Loads per hour: Up to 45

Rotation speed: Up to 12rpm (adjustable)

Maximum load size: L1400mmxW1400mm

Machine Height:2000mm


(Other dimensions optional) Wrapping method: Bottom, middle and top wrapping

layer can be set from 0-99 winds




Controller: PLC system

Tension control: Pre-stretch controller

Operator interface: Separate buttons/Display


Wrap settings: Re-wrap function, overwrap and overlap adjustments


Wrap counters: Independent top, middle and bot-tom


Cycle counters: Total cycle counter and resettable Counter

Emergency stop: Red mushroom head

Electrical disconnect: Lockable


Electrical enclosure: European approved


Power Requirements:


Voltage: AC380V,3 phase, 50HZ(changeable)



Film Delivery System:


Stretch Film (LLDPE): Thickness 0.025mm , width 500mm, length 500m-1500m, weight: 15kg/Roll

Film capacity: 500mm width x 76mm dia.

Stretch type: Pre-stretch

Pre-stretch level: 250% (optional 100% to 300%)

Load height sensor: Photocell sensor

Force -control: Variable

Film threading: Pre-stretch design, W film threading pattern.




Bearing type: Ring gear

Start & stop mode:  Soft start & stop




Maximum turning diameter: 2000mm

Maximum load weight: 1800kg

Turntable elevation: 80mm

Turntable plate thickness: 10mm (Anti-deformation)





Portability: Forklift portable from front and back of the machine

Machine weight: approx 650kg

Construction: Heavy duty, welded

Color: Green (Others available)

Film carriage speed:2.9m/min

Turntable motor power:0.75kw

Up-down motor power:  0.37kw

Pre-stretch motor power: 0.37kw


Superior Features:

  • 8T weight capacity turntable
  • Electronic stretch film tension control with Analog electronic Sensor provides the ultimate in feedback control.


  • Forklift portable from Front and Back of machine.


  • Heavy-Duty structural steel tubing and frame.


  • Reinforcement structure in tower and turntable.


  • One of the lowest turntable elevation in the industry to ease operator loading/ unloading via pallet jack.


  • Control Cabinet enclosed in column.


  • Separate buttons controls of all parameters.


  • Automatic Load Height photocell sensor is mounted in the stretch film carriage with adjustable track.


  • Guaranteed For Life Pre-stretch rollers with 250% (100%-300%) pre-stretchratio as standard.


  • 10mm thickness turntable plate is good to anti-deformation.


  • 1 year Warranty & lifelong maintenance and technical support



“Top Class” Safety features:



  • Film loading Safety Shut-off switch automatically shuts down power during stretch film loading by Operator.


  • Easy Film Loading carriage with lock door control for guaranteed locking.


  • Mushroom head button for Emergency stop


Stretch Wrapping Options:


  • Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage Upgrade.


  • 030 mm Film Adaptor on 0.025mm Carriage.


  • Special Auto-Height Photocell sensor.


  • Extended column Wrap Height.


Many other options are available…