Automatic hose coiling winding machine

automatic coiler for hose



Automatic hose coiling winding machine
and strapping machine

[下午4:26, 2019年7月15日] RANDAL: Cutting the wire inside is of the hose is not problem. There are two ways: 1. cutting the hose and wire at the some time. 2. Cutting the hose at the first step, and than rotating the coil to make wire out of the hose, finially cutting the wire. By this way the wire is longer than the hose tail. So that it is able tie the wire at the begining/end of the hose.
[下午4:27, 2019年7月15日] RANDAL: The solution 1 is free, the solution 2 needs extra cost.

The solution 2 includes two cutters which is able make the hose and wire in different length.