Large shrinkage machine


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Thanks for sending us your profile dimension, but max height 25cm has exceeded our packing range.
The max packing height for our standard shrink packing machine is 20cm. For 25cm we need to do customization, the price is also higher. Our standard shrink wrapping machine has been mainly used for packing products such as panels, carton boxes, beverage and bagged or canned food. But for packing your profile bundles, it’s also capable as their dimension isn’t too large.

We have made the quotation, please see the attachment.
This offer doesn’t include the conveyors, you can use your old conveyors for combination or ask us to quote if it’s needed.
I would like to know what’s your current way for packing the profiles if you would like to share.

Precautions for winding machine

Precautions for winding machine


With the development of economy, there are more and more manufacturers using winding machine. Winding machine is now a popular packaging equipment. Winding machine is mainly used to wrap products through winding film, which is what we usually call winding packaging machine and wrapping machine. What should we pay attention to when operating winding machine? How to operate it? The following are precautions for winding machine:


Serial number precautions


Before we operate the winding machine, we should first check the instructions of the winding machine, or our technical personnel to guide the operation;



2. When operating the winder, be sure to pay attention to the clockwise rotation of the rotary table of the winder;

3. When the winding machine is operating, do not stand around the winding machine to prevent accidents;

4. Pay attention to the safety operation when operating the winding machine, and operate according to the operation procedures to ensure safety first;

5. When the winding machine fails, it must be operated by special technicians. The operators should not operate blindly to prevent accidents;

Here’s a brief description of the working process of the winding machine: when the machine is in the initial position, the winding packaging machine will fix the film on the rotary table or the goods, press the automatic operation button, the rotary table will start to accelerate the operation, the film will automatically output with the rotary table operation, and the rotary table will count at the same time, when the setting value of the bottom layer is reached, the film frame will start to rise. When the membrane rack rises to the point where the photoelectric switch can not reach the goods, the membrane rack stops rising after the set time delay. The up and down times are counted once, the rotary table continues to operate, and the rotary table counts. When the membrane rack reaches the set number of top-level turns, the membrane rack descends. When it descends to the bottom, the membrane rack stops, the up and down times are counted once again, and the bottom-level turns are counted. By analogy, when the number of times up and down reaches the set value, the packaging process is completed.


The general operation of winding machine is divided into two types: automatic operation and manual operation:


Principle of operation mode

Automatic operation: make the stretch film winding machine in the initial state, put on the goods, put on the film, select the number of up and down turns, up and down times, over top time, press the automatic start button, the whole process will be completed automatically.

Manual operation: lower the film pulling frame to the bottom, place the goods on the chassis, place the film on the roll base, put the film through the film according to the film threading method, and then start the rotary table motor to rotate the rotary table. At this time, the film will be wound at the bottom of the goods. When the number of winding turns reaches the degree you need, press the film frame up button to raise the film frame to the required position (photoelectric height measurement is effective); press the film frame down The lowering button lowers the membrane rack to the bottom. Repeat the above process to complete the packaging and press stop to finish.

Semi automatic horizontal winding packaging machine


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The packaging machine is specially designed for linear objects. It has a successful record in molding products, pipes, plates and other industries. Horizontal machine is used for steel tube packing, aluminum profile packing, door and window packing, bar packing, panel packing, etc

Provide high speed and high efficiency equipment for your packaging


The horizontal track packing machine installed by Fengding machinery is completely manufactured and designed in many production bases. The authority of the company in the market is initiated on the basis of scientific products: packaging knowledge, complementarity of actions, management of series turnkey completion opportunities, such as stacking, conveying, packaging, bundling, the ability to recommend options in any way to speed up the final completion of these items and finished product packaging quality.


Automatic hose reeler

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Automatic hose winder system belongs to vertical automatic winder, it can automatically complete a series of complete steps, from fixed length, then winding, cutting, packaging, winding and so on. It occupies a very small space, but it can efficiently and quickly complete the task of automatic roll up and packaging, fully in line with high standards of packaging.


It is mainly suitable for wrapping PE pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, cross-linked composite pipe, corrugated pipe, PVC, PU, PPR pipe and small hose. It is mainly used together with the pipe production line of our factory to form a complete set of production line for online synchronous winding. Generally, it is installed in the later process of the tractor in the production line, so that after the forming pipe is pulled, it can be directly reeled and packed, avoiding the confusion and inconvenience caused by winding without reeling.



Horizontal hose winding machine


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The horizontal hose winding and packing machine is specially used for winding and packing various annular materials, aluminum materials, pipes, etc. It is widely used in the packaging of tires, coils, aluminum strips, copper plates and other products. The packaging cost is low and the efficiency is high. The products after winding and packing can reduce the surface wear of products, improve the sealing performance, and facilitate the storage and transportation of products. After winding and packaging, not only the appearance of the product is beautiful and generous, but also it has good functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust proof, anti-aging and anti accidental damage.


This machine has the advantages of high safety, fast packing speed, wide packing range and easy operation. It is your choice to improve working efficiency, save working time, reduce product packaging cost and improve product grade.


Horizontal hose wrapping machine


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Horizontal coil packing machine.

Easy packing material roll loading and unloading.

Adjust the best package for OD (outer diameter) of different packages

Special design, convenient for manual loading and unloading.

Packaging tension can be adjusted by special mechanical device.

Guardrail, soft start and stop safe operation.

Widely applicable to packaging materials.

A uniform tension device enables the machine to work in coil packing from small to large.

Marking ring striking (optional)


How to develop the brand effect of winding machine

In the packaging machinery market of our country, the winding machine is an important packaging equipment that can not be wound. The winding machine of our country is a kind of equipment which is suitable for domestic enterprises to use, based on the reference of foreign advanced technology, using our own practical experience, and through a large number of human and material resources for many years of R & D and production.

In order to build its own winding machine brand and get better development, it is one of the necessary conditions to build its own high-quality winding machine brand, and the development of winding machine needs brand effect. The sales value of the product depends on the quality of the product. The winding machine is a durable product. Only the high-quality winding packaging machine can have a good sales volume, so the quality requirements are very high. The high-quality winding function has a good continuity for the enterprises that produce and use the winding machine, can occupy an important position in the enterprise market, and can make the enterprises develop healthily and orderly. Of course, appearance is also a consideration. When customers choose to buy the same products and different packages, one of them is packaged by winding machine, the other is not packaged, most of them will buy the products packaged by winding machine, because they will feel the product quality is good, enterprises should choose high-quality winding machine according to their own needs when producing products, so that the development of enterprises is very good Good continuity.


Ring winding packaging machine


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The ring winding packaging machine is a kind of ring stretching packaging machine, which is specially designed for inner packing and is an efficient equipment for coil packing. In Fengding machinery, different types of coil packaging solutions are applicable to many products of different coils (such as hose coil, pipe coil, coil, bearing, cable), which are well packed and even packed.


With the rapid development of economy, packaging machine has been widely used in many industries. As a large-scale mechanical equipment, winding machine can be used in many machinery and equipment. If the motor is damaged, our machine can not be used normally, which affects the production of products. How to solve the problem is as follows Question:


The control circuit of the motor is the inching control circuit, and the working process of the inching control circuit is relatively simple: close the knife switch QS, press the button sb, the contactor is powered on, the main contact of the contactor km phase is closed, and the motor is powered on for operation: when the inching button sb is released, the KM coil is disconnected, the main contact of the contactor km “phase is disconnected, the motor is powered off and stops running, the inching control circuit is divided into the main circuit and the The control circuit consists of two parts. It is the simplest control circuit to control the motor with buttons and contactors. It is mainly used in the mechanical and electrical control that needs to be started and stopped frequently, such as the control of the machine tool and the bridge crane.