Automatic hose reeler

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Automatic hose winder system belongs to vertical automatic winder, it can automatically complete a series of complete steps, from fixed length, then winding, cutting, packaging, winding and so on. It occupies a very small space, but it can efficiently and quickly complete the task of automatic roll up and packaging, fully in line with high standards of packaging.


It is mainly suitable for wrapping PE pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, cross-linked composite pipe, corrugated pipe, PVC, PU, PPR pipe and small hose. It is mainly used together with the pipe production line of our factory to form a complete set of production line for online synchronous winding. Generally, it is installed in the later process of the tractor in the production line, so that after the forming pipe is pulled, it can be directly reeled and packed, avoiding the confusion and inconvenience caused by winding without reeling.



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