Precautions for winding machine

Precautions for winding machine


With the development of economy, there are more and more manufacturers using winding machine. Winding machine is now a popular packaging equipment. Winding machine is mainly used to wrap products through winding film, which is what we usually call winding packaging machine and wrapping machine. What should we pay attention to when operating winding machine? How to operate it? The following are precautions for winding machine:


Serial number precautions


Before we operate the winding machine, we should first check the instructions of the winding machine, or our technical personnel to guide the operation;



2. When operating the winder, be sure to pay attention to the clockwise rotation of the rotary table of the winder;

3. When the winding machine is operating, do not stand around the winding machine to prevent accidents;

4. Pay attention to the safety operation when operating the winding machine, and operate according to the operation procedures to ensure safety first;

5. When the winding machine fails, it must be operated by special technicians. The operators should not operate blindly to prevent accidents;

Here’s a brief description of the working process of the winding machine: when the machine is in the initial position, the winding packaging machine will fix the film on the rotary table or the goods, press the automatic operation button, the rotary table will start to accelerate the operation, the film will automatically output with the rotary table operation, and the rotary table will count at the same time, when the setting value of the bottom layer is reached, the film frame will start to rise. When the membrane rack rises to the point where the photoelectric switch can not reach the goods, the membrane rack stops rising after the set time delay. The up and down times are counted once, the rotary table continues to operate, and the rotary table counts. When the membrane rack reaches the set number of top-level turns, the membrane rack descends. When it descends to the bottom, the membrane rack stops, the up and down times are counted once again, and the bottom-level turns are counted. By analogy, when the number of times up and down reaches the set value, the packaging process is completed.


The general operation of winding machine is divided into two types: automatic operation and manual operation:


Principle of operation mode

Automatic operation: make the stretch film winding machine in the initial state, put on the goods, put on the film, select the number of up and down turns, up and down times, over top time, press the automatic start button, the whole process will be completed automatically.

Manual operation: lower the film pulling frame to the bottom, place the goods on the chassis, place the film on the roll base, put the film through the film according to the film threading method, and then start the rotary table motor to rotate the rotary table. At this time, the film will be wound at the bottom of the goods. When the number of winding turns reaches the degree you need, press the film frame up button to raise the film frame to the required position (photoelectric height measurement is effective); press the film frame down The lowering button lowers the membrane rack to the bottom. Repeat the above process to complete the packaging and press stop to finish.

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