Ring winding packaging machine


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The ring winding packaging machine is a kind of ring stretching packaging machine, which is specially designed for inner packing and is an efficient equipment for coil packing. In Fengding machinery, different types of coil packaging solutions are applicable to many products of different coils (such as hose coil, pipe coil, coil, bearing, cable), which are well packed and even packed.


With the rapid development of economy, packaging machine has been widely used in many industries. As a large-scale mechanical equipment, winding machine can be used in many machinery and equipment. If the motor is damaged, our machine can not be used normally, which affects the production of products. How to solve the problem is as follows Question:


The control circuit of the motor is the inching control circuit, and the working process of the inching control circuit is relatively simple: close the knife switch QS, press the button sb, the contactor is powered on, the main contact of the contactor km phase is closed, and the motor is powered on for operation: when the inching button sb is released, the KM coil is disconnected, the main contact of the contactor km “phase is disconnected, the motor is powered off and stops running, the inching control circuit is divided into the main circuit and the The control circuit consists of two parts. It is the simplest control circuit to control the motor with buttons and contactors. It is mainly used in the mechanical and electrical control that needs to be started and stopped frequently, such as the control of the machine tool and the bridge crane.










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