Do you know what a maintenance list is?

Do you know what a maintenance list is? Do you know what you should pay attention to when you buy new elastic paper?

Your freight manager is required of you. He asks you to review the list of stretched wrapping paper he is considering buying. If a resilient packaging that can get work done is something you really want, you can do it by making your life easier. On your plate, we can see that you already have enough work. So when you’re going to solve a problem, it’s very important to solve it as quickly as possible.

If it’s a good stretch wrap, it only requires minimal maintenance. When a failure occurs, it can provide the maximum help. So, if there is a case where their company buys a stretch wrapping paper, do you know what the relationship is between the manager and the manager?

An ounce of prevention.

In this case, the form of research before you buy a new machine is an ounce of prevention. Generally speaking, if you look deeply into the machines and machines that you are considering. Well, there’s a lot of trouble you can save yourself.

As we can see, this is a checklist, a new elastic packaging and a resilient packaging manufacturer is your choice.

This machine comes with a guide and a clear step-by-step instructions, and the guide is very quick to refer to. As we can see, this guide is full of common problems with failure problems. It’s also very helpful to solve your problem. If it’s a knowledgeable device expert. It is also ok to provide startup assistance when installing a machine. If replacement parts are the things you need to do, then you can order today. If you order today, we guarantee that you will get it tomorrow. The manufacturer does a lot of things, and he needs to provide replacement parts for every machine it produces. Do you know how long the warranty is? His warranty period is at least three years. The infinite loop is covered, not ruled out. It is easy to update a service technology in the weeks, months, or years after it has been installed. Height extension of mast, base extension, film transfer system, ramp, remote control, loading device. At the scene of the parts, repair or maintenance of support is that you need to do – so we can see, whether by telephone, the manufacturer’s web site or a real-time service technology, face to face can be 365 days a year to serve you. Within a three-hour drive of your facility is service technology. Field training is also provided by the machine manufacturer for your technical personnel.

If the machines and manufacturers you are considering can complete the work on each of the above points. You can be sure, then, that your life will become easier and less difficult if you have a new stretching package.

Stretched Wrapper

Here, it has three meanings:

If it is a stretched wrapper that runs at the best performance level, its chances are low. The more important thing for maintenance is to maintain throughput and maximize performance, which is what it wants to accomplish and what it wants to accomplish. We can see that the skills and knowledge of maintaining and optimizing stretch wrappers are disappearing, and it is disappearing from the plants at a higher and higher speed, but there are some terrible ones. We also have a proposal, but the cost of the proposal is expensive, and an expensive proposition is a poorly maintained aging machine. In fact, you can see, it compared with the upgrade to the new stretch packaging, will produce more expensive cost, so, if you do this, also in terms of cost, greatly increased, and that is something we have been reluctant to see.

If this is the case, do you know what the stretcher manufacturer is doing? They are working to improve the situation. So let’s see.

What is a smart machine? What we need to do is build knowledge on the packaging. Operator does not tell us is what to do, the wrapper operator tell us machine load and wrapper should be how to package it, obviously, this is its role and value.

What are the benefits of automatically maintaining load quality? – it can make each load plenty of control that can be make sure – it can minimize skill for the operation personnel to correctly handle the load, which is an obvious advantage.

What is real-time performance management? You know what? We can manage and maintain real-time reports on the Internet, so we can make adjustments very quickly, and we can quickly correct the problems.

Know L is how to deal with these problems is our purpose, in order to achieve this goal, you can look at our news, thin G packaging and loads are waiting for our L scoop.




We have three distinctive views on the maintenance of material handling machinery. Below, if you don’t mind, we can take a look at it.

Some very interesting insights are provided by data from the 2016 maintenance survey of plant engineering, which includes:

61% of maintenance operations need to use the “run – to – a failure” to the determination of initial machinery requires attention. Packaging system normally closed only once per year maintenance plan, but the material handling equipment as it is not the same, material handling equipment is generally close 4 to 6 times /. Do you know the biggest reason to wait for machine downtime? After our preliminary study, we have been able to basically determine that the primary reason is the aging equipment. Maintenance outsourcing about 22% (only increased by 29% since 2015), 55% of the factory plans to upgrade equipment, the frequency of the purpose is to make downtime is greatly reduced, although we now have evidence that that capital equipment spending is slowing, but it changes nothing. The reasons for this phenomenon is the lack of human and technical skills, maintenance outsourcing trend. Challenges to improve maintenance, lack of staff, lack of budget, understand/around the new technology training is insufficient, lack of management support, scheduling and inconsistent

Obviously, it’s all included. The disruptive impact of downtime is also very large, leading to more than half of the respondents to address this issue by considering machine upgrades. At the same time, we can see the thing is to improve maintenance is also in constant rise, this means that costs will continue to increase: since 2015, the average time of scheduled maintenance/week/factory from 20 to 22, everybody can see, this is a kind of increase.

Do you know what this means to the people of rind?