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L freight company is more advantageous than shipper.

Almost every unloaded tray will be weighed is likely to happen.

Money is the main reason. But until recently, that was the case for airlines.

Twenty years ago, it was not realistic for airlines to weigh in on each item. You can put every tray on the truck on the platform, which is too time-consuming. So, weighed only 30% of the load. Therefore, we can see that when the carrier is receiving the shipper’s bill of lading, checking its accuracy is not done, so a lot of money is lost. The shipper, in turn, receives very little of the penalties that are inconsistent with it.

The Times have changed.

It is the loading unit that enables the operator to create a new revenue stream that was previously not possible. In the late 1990s, the forklift scale was invented by a manufacturer of scale. This invention eliminates the time-consuming steps required to move the tray to the platform scale.

Federal legislation requires any company to use sterling as a unit to measure accuracy and to use certified legal trade standards. This certification allows the carrier to measure the weight of the shipper without using the same exact size to be guaranteed. Not to mention, in three months, most of the trade could prove to be self-paying.

When found that don’t match, the weight difference will be operators to charge shipper, and will charge have been adjusted, from $15 to readjust to $25, does not take place if the conditions agreed in the contract.

Now, the new technology has been adapted to airlines, and they have recovered the damage they experienced during the recession and the use of forklift.

L trucking companies are paying a $1 billion fine, or a 3 percent fine, for profit in the $32 billion industry.

Are you looking for other ways to improve? All of our 10 steps need to be checked, and the damage can be reduced through more effective stretching. Our process will show you a lot of things:

Reduce shipping losses by 50%! What is the key element of the stretching packaging standard? How to manage the containment force – what is the most critical part of stretching?



You need to stop the hidden profit loss

This hidden profit loss, you need to stop it.

This is not the same as the truck-mounted airlines, each of which needs to be weighed, and all the errors found by their customers need to be found. Do you know how much the truck company loses every year? It loses $1 billion a year in fines.

We say that many airlines’ customers are called L shippers and do not own or use scale. Instead, their estimated weight. Some shippers believe that too much floor space is occupied by scales. Or, the extra step of moving the tray from the stretcher to the scale is too time-consuming and is what they think.

Before the beginning of the 21st century, only 30% of the load was weighed, so it was very rare for carriers to report inaccurate weights to customers.

Now, small L shippers — typically, we’re talking less than 50 people a day — are wrong. Usually, when the incorrect Numbers on their bill of lading have been extracted, they are generally extracted from the educated guesses.

When the tray is lifted by the dock staff or the weight of a single part or product is increased, the speculation will appear. For example, if a is a region of plastic manufacturers, his face twice a day is fine, the source of the error from the computer database system, $280 per week were increased, or increased to $13440 a year.

Even if the shipper did not appear to be fined, the same amount of money would be lost because of overestimating the weight. For years, the head of a equipment manufacturer estimated that his feet were heavy. The process has resulted in 25 times a week of his work, with a price of $25 each, and a loss of $18,000 a year.

It’s the smart shippers – whether cosmetics, plastic parts, water bottles – that are weighing their goods. The manufacturer of stretched packaging has changed this approach by integrating the scales into the wrapper, which has become simple and less costly.


Weighing your goods is necessary before the goods go out

A selection list or a display of a computer database, such as a tray of wine, should be displayed. This weight requires a comparison of your standards, whether it’s more or less weight, to pull them aside.

We cite an example, for example: in September, 5,000 P cases were not followed by buffalo tracking (the brand’s winery) to the final destination, and these cases are rare. 195 bottles of 20 years of whisky, and 27 bottles of 13 years of V family rye whiskey, all stolen. Each bottle has a high retail price in the secondary market, which can be as high as $2,000. It wasn’t until the staff called the tray, and a discrepancy was noticed by the employees that the lost product was discovered. Stolen from the center of the tray is the most popular theory and theory, so people can’t see the missing three bottles. If you want to learn more about it, you can contact us to learn more about the cases that have not been resolved. So this shows that weighing before packaging is very important. Third, products arriving at their destination in good condition need to be ensured

In the process of transportation, it is necessary to prove your innocence.

A power transmission reseller USES his record to maintain the customer’s good manners. “It’s ok to use the lost freight to support your theory when the appropriate weights are working,” he says. At one point, a customer called to complain about the missing item. The distributor validates the weight of his product by consulting his records, and all parts are sent to indicate the content. The dealer is defending his brand reputation.

Risk is everywhere. You don’t have to take on more risk than you have to take. Weighing your goods is necessary before the goods go out, and any products that are underweight or lost need to be corrected. In fact, it’s so easy to do.



Do you know why it was weighed before the boat? We can give it a simple generalization, and it has about three reasons, which is why it should be weighed before the ship.

Your brand’s reputation is highly valued. You can do almost anything to protect it. In terms of quality control, the test of weight and real principles in the upstream manufacturing process have been used by you. But, you know that you can expand a process is also ok, in fact, that already very good, go to another domain? We all know that this is true. It’s ok to use it again at the end of this line. When you take the load as a by-product of the stretch wrap, the other layer of protection is increased by you — and it’s actually free, which is pretty good, isn’t it?

If people want to use this idea to maintain their quality, here are three ways:

First, any change from load to load needs to be marked.

Before transportation, the final inspection is to stretch the packed goods. You must remember that the goal is to make the underweight goods arrive at the final destination.

A sugarcane manufacturer can produce 26 trays and barrels per day, and the powder and liquid are in it, and the trays and buckets are filled. “But it doesn’t happen very often, and when we find that the weight of the roller isn’t enough, that’s a big deal,” the company’s collation and packaging manager said. It shouldn’t be a problem to ship two short barrels to unsatisfied customers before the company performs a check weighing. Even though we’ve weighed the product, the operator still makes mistakes. The company now USES integrated scales on its semi-automatic stretch packaging as a final quality control step.

Secondly, you need to verify the weight of the selected table according to the weight of the scale to see if it is qualified.


Stretch Film Cost


Before loading and leaving the dock, the purpose of freight reduction is to be realized.

The current trend in Labor costs continues to rise. This year, us Labor costs hit record Numbers, the biggest gain in more than five years.

Stretching packaging needs to be considered, especially those that already involve manual packaging loads. We all know that this process is a time-consuming process. The operator sometimes has to do the same thing on the forklift truck.

In fact, when you’re using a wrapper that has an extended wrapper that improves productivity, it’s actually ok to avoid these tedious steps.

Here, we have three experts who have given hints, and with little effort, you can achieve the goal of reducing costs:

A dynamic pretensioning membrane conveying system has been invested in stretching packaging. This influential productivity boost can reduce movie costs substantially, and by experience, it is generally reduced by at least 50%. The process of extending the membrane is pre-stretching, and the membrane production can be improved. When two rollers rotate at two different speeds in the movie delivery system, the film stretches. If it’s a regular customer, he can save at least $25,000 in five years. You can use simple automation to achieve the goal of eliminating the labor force, which is a technology that has been saved at least $50,000 in the first five years. At this point, your operator still starts the machine with the remote control on the forklift. It is also ok to perform another task, and when the load ends and the loop completes, it is ok to select it. What needs to be done in packaging is weighing. Buying new stretched packaging with a built-in size is one option, and another option is to use existing wrappers on the platform. When weighing and packaging are being done at the same time, it is ok to double the load from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes from one stretch wrapper to one platform scale. In 10 years, this will make the labor force much smaller, and in general it can reduce the labor force by $15,000 to $30,000. Also, when each load is weighed against you, the risk of paying an expensive no more than a truckload (LTL) is reduced.

Eliminating unnecessary steps can actually reduce labor, and your money will be saved – saving thousands of dollars in just a few years.


Pallet Packing

Do you know what effect pallet packing has? It can make shipping better, simpler, cheaper and faster. That’s the good thing about it, isn’t it good?

You should know that the pallet packaging you buy has an important feature – an integrated scale that you can ensure, and that this functionality is also critical and important. But often happens is that people often ignore this feature, because people’s idea is usually think pallet packaging and weight are two independent tasks, are two unrelated individuals, but what do you think of the idea right? A machine that performs both tasks at the same time has a lot of advantages. For example, it saves labor, time, and money, which are both important and critical.

Do you know what it means to pack and weigh the tray? Handling each load twice is what they indicate, and it is ok to add 30 seconds to 1 minute and a half to every processing time anywhere. If you want to know what it looks like, you can click here, and it will help you get the answer you want.

It has the characteristics of saving time and money

A company to pay the cost of the operators is $12 per hour, and, within five years, it can be 50 pallet packaging, prices ranging from $6250 to $18750, but this is just the labor cost, so we can see that the cost is very high? But there is no way to do it.

Do you know what accurate weight means? It means there is no estimate, so it’s completely possible for you to figure out the correct shipping costs, and the money we’re paying is just what you actually owe. If you need to re-weigh it, its costs will increase every year, and about $1 billion will be the final result, ranging from $10 to $15 per fine.




Do you know what it is to stretch the double check valve? It helps with quality control.

It is necessary to make a final inspection before shipment. The final inspection of the packed goods is intended to prevent weight or excess cargo from reaching the destination.

When you print a list of choices, the exact number is displayed, for example, a tray with a bottle should have multiple displays. By using a stretched wrapper with an integrated scale, we are able to validate the number by weighing the by-products of the stretched packaging.

Its advantages are many, simple is one aspect, besides, it can also save the cost, and the extra time is not needed. Actually it’s a good feeling. Each load needs to be weighed, and any changes (such as missing boxes) are marked from the load, and you can do it. When you’re doing this, the mystery of a half-full toothpaste or chocolate bar is solved. Free stretching double check.

There are several times in life that you can get the price of two things. Maybe a big winter coat was bought by you, with an inside lining, a removable one, or a BOGO offer on the shirt.

You also have a chance to get the same bonus on the stretch pack.

The following article describes how weighing a product can be a by-product of the manufacturing process. Two separate operations are merged and merged into one. With the same principle, you can stretch the packing.

It is necessary to do a final inspection before you send the pallet, because you want to make sure that everything is taken into account. By using a scale, you add to your stretched packing, while checking the weight of the tray while wrapping it. Your quality control program is not only enhanced by you, it is ok to load the goods. Productivity has not been lost. Now, we see that this is a deal!


Stretch Wrapping

More than 5 years of time, every day, 50 times the amount of work that needs to be completed, the single function can make you about $7000 in costs are saved, it is the basis of the labor costs of $14 an hour. If, this film has been installed, this machine for two minutes of time can be saved, and in five years’ time, about $29000 can be saved. A scale machine is installed in the frame of the turntable, which allows you to package and weigh simultaneously, and the dual processing can be eliminated. The other 30 seconds to a minute and a half needs to be saved for each load… In five years, an additional $7,000 to $21,000 labor costs were saved.

Third, security.

It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s wise to do everything you can to protect your employees. As we can see, work-related injuries are expensive in many ways. As long as from manual to semi-automatic packing, can make the staff’s physical stress reduction, if it is a better machine design, it is a security feature, risk can be further reduced, such as:

Fully enclosed wire and the elimination of travel, car or burning hazards A film delivery system is located in the same side of the control of the mast, so walk between the mast and the load is operator does not need to do, the guards around roller, prevent hand caught big wheel keep enough tray completely inside

Fourth. Space.

Whether you rent a house or buy a house, the price per square foot has a dollar value. If you haven’t already put in production, you’ll be losing money. If it is a pallet package with integrated size, it has a single footprint, but it is not a single stretch wrap and independent platform scale. Because the size of the detached is eliminated, so that space can be used for other purposes, even by adding a second shell packaging integration scale to increase the output of the same space can also be.

Fifth, destruction.

During transportation, one of the core objectives of preventing damage from being stretched and packaging is from the beginning… If you want to get product safety, you need to get it from your factory. If the goal is completed, you can save money. Load the correct number of containment vessels, locked in with a thin film of cable tray, not for a long time or drag and drop tail is safe to arrive the highest probability of, this is the simple fact. For your load, you can set the standard, and they can actually use 25% or more of the transfer loss to be guaranteed.

When you look at the Numbers, we’ve proven that it’s a smart investment to improve your stretch wrapping process with new techniques.