Operational Efficiency

What if we have better load control here? Does it make you better use of the trailer cube? Imagine, do you know what this means to your customers?

It means that no change in length, width, height and weight will occur. But we all know that they are not the only things that can change.

Labor costs, staffing, and throughput.

Do you know how your loading dock is going to change? Yes, it will change, and we can almost guarantee it. One of your process engineers will recognize that there are many benefits to applying the lean approach. For any industry, applying lean methods can have great benefits. For this point, it can reduce losses while reducing waste and costs. At the same time, you will soon be able to achieve more goals with less money. Yes, that’s the basic fact of business.

By understanding the above, you can see why the problem of forklift and fpc1 pallets is a wrong choice. Even if you don’t need a forklift today, you’re planning to do the same with pallets and forklifts. The ability to plan for modularity is something you need to do, because if you want to expand your machine’s capabilities, you need to improve throughput and other options. If you want to achieve your goals, that’s what you have to do.

For example, we got a message that we got from working with thousands of customers. If the operation turns to forklift, there will be tough choices for operators. Many people hesitate when faced with a choice. So what should he do? Now, let’s see.

Carefully load the load. Check out the parking brake. Start the forklift wrapper. Climb. Fastening his seat belt. Disengage the parking brake. Raise forks. Move away under a load, make it back.



Stretch Film Cost

Case analysis, how does the semi-automatic stretching wrapper benefit the fermentation of cider? Now let’s look at the details.

In the United States, fermented apple juice is one of the fastest-growing beverage categories.

We can see that sales have increased in the United States since last year, and its sales have doubled. Production has also increased in the past three years, from 9.4 million gallons to 32 million gallons.

Why does this happen? This is an apple cider manufacturer that has made changes in its transportation department, so it can have such an obvious increase in sales. Below, we can see exactly how the cider maker does it.

But there are problems:

An apple cider maker employs only one operator. However, this operator needs to do two jobs. The operator needs a shovel to carry the packed bottles to the shipping dock. In fact, the process has not been a problem for years.

However, a few years ago, the number of the company increased, and the operator did not have enough time to pack and transport in his daily shift. So it’s a bad result. When it comes to dealers and retailers, a partial shipment delay occurs.

Fortunately, however, the company’s freight manager quickly realized the problem. It is very important to reduce the time of packing and transporting goods. One option is that he needs to hire another operator, and one option is to buy a stretch wrapping paper.

So what’s his solution?

Hiring an operator again is not the transportation manager’s choice. The transportation manager bought a semi-automatic packaging machine. He also bought an automated device. Connecting the membrane to the load is the machine. At the same time, it is the operator that starts the machine. Also, the operator does not need to leave the forklift when the load is unloaded from the turntable. Sounds like a lot of convenience, right?




Labor Saving

Do you know the benefits of replacing the old stretch wrap with the new stretch wrap? Now, let’s see.

If “wrappers” are the words you’ve been searching for recently. Whether or not to give up the old, rusty machine in the corner may be the thing to think about.

Or, perhaps, your idea is that your old machine still works well, and for a while you don’t need to replace it.

But, do you know that replacing an old elastic wrapper is not related to whether it is still running? If you use a new stretch wrapper, it can stop you wasting money on film and labor. In addition, they have the advantage of being safer.

There are many benefits to using a new wrapper. First, it can easily save you money. Second, the risk of injury to operators can also be reduced. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of replacing old ones with old ones!

First, the cost of wasting film will be greatly reduced and reduced while working.

If a person packs 50 loads a day, it doesn’t use pre-stretch. Then, for five years, the opportunity cost about $35,000 ($32.000). Do you wish it were you?

The process of increasing production is pre-stretching. Do you know when that happened? It occurs when two rollers of the film delivery system rotate. Because of the two different speeds, the film stretches out. For example, if the film would be longer than 6,000 feet in 100 percent pre-stretching, it would become 12,000 feet.

For a while, most of the old machines lost the value of stretching. Sometimes they don’t even have the prestretched rollers.

However, it is very fortunate that most of the new stretching packages can be pre-stretched between 100% and 300%. The end result is that you can put thousands of dollars back in your wallet.

Weighing your goods is necessary before the goods go out

A selection list or a display of a computer database, such as a tray of wine, should be displayed. This weight requires a comparison of your standards, whether it’s more or less weight, to pull them aside.

We cite an example, for example: in September, 5,000 P cases were not followed by buffalo tracking (the brand’s winery) to the final destination, and these cases are rare. 195 bottles of 20 years of whisky, and 27 bottles of 13 years of V family rye whiskey, all stolen. Each bottle has a high retail price in the secondary market, which can be as high as $2,000. It wasn’t until the staff called the tray, and a discrepancy was noticed by the employees that the lost product was discovered. Stolen from the center of the tray is the most popular theory and theory, so people can’t see the missing three bottles. If you want to learn more about it, you can contact us to learn more about the cases that have not been resolved. So this shows that weighing before packaging is very important. Third, products arriving at their destination in good condition need to be ensured

In the process of transportation, it is necessary to prove your innocence.

A power transmission reseller USES his record to maintain the customer’s good manners. “It’s ok to use the lost freight to support your theory when the appropriate weights are working,” he says. At one point, a customer called to complain about the missing item. The distributor validates the weight of his product by consulting his records, and all parts are sent to indicate the content. The dealer is defending his brand reputation.

Risk is everywhere. You don’t have to take on more risk than you have to take. Weighing your goods is necessary before the goods go out, and any products that are underweight or lost need to be corrected. In fact, it’s so easy to do.


Stretch Film Cost


Before loading and leaving the dock, the purpose of freight reduction is to be realized.

The current trend in Labor costs continues to rise. This year, us Labor costs hit record Numbers, the biggest gain in more than five years.

Stretching packaging needs to be considered, especially those that already involve manual packaging loads. We all know that this process is a time-consuming process. The operator sometimes has to do the same thing on the forklift truck.

In fact, when you’re using a wrapper that has an extended wrapper that improves productivity, it’s actually ok to avoid these tedious steps.

Here, we have three experts who have given hints, and with little effort, you can achieve the goal of reducing costs:

A dynamic pretensioning membrane conveying system has been invested in stretching packaging. This influential productivity boost can reduce movie costs substantially, and by experience, it is generally reduced by at least 50%. The process of extending the membrane is pre-stretching, and the membrane production can be improved. When two rollers rotate at two different speeds in the movie delivery system, the film stretches. If it’s a regular customer, he can save at least $25,000 in five years. You can use simple automation to achieve the goal of eliminating the labor force, which is a technology that has been saved at least $50,000 in the first five years. At this point, your operator still starts the machine with the remote control on the forklift. It is also ok to perform another task, and when the load ends and the loop completes, it is ok to select it. What needs to be done in packaging is weighing. Buying new stretched packaging with a built-in size is one option, and another option is to use existing wrappers on the platform. When weighing and packaging are being done at the same time, it is ok to double the load from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes from one stretch wrapper to one platform scale. In 10 years, this will make the labor force much smaller, and in general it can reduce the labor force by $15,000 to $30,000. Also, when each load is weighed against you, the risk of paying an expensive no more than a truckload (LTL) is reduced.

Eliminating unnecessary steps can actually reduce labor, and your money will be saved – saving thousands of dollars in just a few years.


Stretch Wrapping


If you use two ways to increase automation, you can save a lot of money. If you don’t believe it, you can look down

You need to work smarter, not harder.

Automatically at the beginning of a cycle, a film will need to be added, and then attached to the load on the function, and, in the end, also need to be cut, which means that the operator in the case of without leaving the forklift, also can start the line cycle. You can put your driver on the forklift, and the average load per load is reduced by two minutes. The cost of this feature is about $4,000, and for a year, it’s about 30 times a day. You say this is not a very happy thing

As we can see, a lot of money has been saved by pre-stretching. One obvious consequence of this is that costs have been greatly reduced

Before the film is applied to the load, the pre-stretching roll elongates the membrane in the transmission system. The film stretches to 3000%, you can do it, you can turn 5,000 feet into 20,000 feet, and we can save a lot of money from stretching. Well, why don’t you do it? Have you ever calculated how much money you saved?

What is automatic payment?

The function of the extended wrapping machine is not only to help you pack better, but it also helps you to prevent the outflow of funds. In the years to come, even a small amount of investment can be turned into big savings.

The chart above shows the same savings for seven years. Just pack 30 pieces of goods a day, and a $14,000 machine could save you a lot of money, almost $53,900. Now, we can all see it, it’s a smart investment.



Stretch Wrapping

More than 5 years of time, every day, 50 times the amount of work that needs to be completed, the single function can make you about $7000 in costs are saved, it is the basis of the labor costs of $14 an hour. If, this film has been installed, this machine for two minutes of time can be saved, and in five years’ time, about $29000 can be saved. A scale machine is installed in the frame of the turntable, which allows you to package and weigh simultaneously, and the dual processing can be eliminated. The other 30 seconds to a minute and a half needs to be saved for each load… In five years, an additional $7,000 to $21,000 labor costs were saved.

Third, security.

It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s wise to do everything you can to protect your employees. As we can see, work-related injuries are expensive in many ways. As long as from manual to semi-automatic packing, can make the staff’s physical stress reduction, if it is a better machine design, it is a security feature, risk can be further reduced, such as:

Fully enclosed wire and the elimination of travel, car or burning hazards A film delivery system is located in the same side of the control of the mast, so walk between the mast and the load is operator does not need to do, the guards around roller, prevent hand caught big wheel keep enough tray completely inside

Fourth. Space.

Whether you rent a house or buy a house, the price per square foot has a dollar value. If you haven’t already put in production, you’ll be losing money. If it is a pallet package with integrated size, it has a single footprint, but it is not a single stretch wrap and independent platform scale. Because the size of the detached is eliminated, so that space can be used for other purposes, even by adding a second shell packaging integration scale to increase the output of the same space can also be.

Fifth, destruction.

During transportation, one of the core objectives of preventing damage from being stretched and packaging is from the beginning… If you want to get product safety, you need to get it from your factory. If the goal is completed, you can save money. Load the correct number of containment vessels, locked in with a thin film of cable tray, not for a long time or drag and drop tail is safe to arrive the highest probability of, this is the simple fact. For your load, you can set the standard, and they can actually use 25% or more of the transfer loss to be guaranteed.

When you look at the Numbers, we’ve proven that it’s a smart investment to improve your stretch wrapping process with new techniques.




Stretch Wrapping

Here are five ways to stretch and wrap properly, which can reduce costs.

It’s easy to see how a stretched wrapper can ensure your load is safe… However, how to make sure your load is safe is not so obvious, and the machine can achieve the goal of controlling costs.

Today’s stretch packaging machine is versatile, it has both standard and optional features, and if you want to achieve savings, you can achieve it in a number of ways. Here are five of the most important ways:

First, the way of pre-stretching

When hand in the application of load, the use of the film, this time the pre-tension is almost non-existent, on most semi-automatic stretch wrapper, very standard is pre stretch film transmission system. Can you see two rollers in the system? They rotate at different speeds, allowing the film to stretch. Because it increases the production of each roll of film, it saves a lot of money. In fact, it’s a fairly simple equation that everyone can understand. If the speed of 6,000 feet is 12,000 feet, then it’s 100% pre-stretching, 18000 feet is 200, and so on. You buy less film and that’s the end result. If you increase from 10% pre-stretching to 200%, and pack 50 times a day, about $25,000 or more over five years are saved.

Second, labor

The reason for the cost of labor is to save time – we can see that it is possible to automate simple, repetitive tasks whenever possible. Today’s semi-automatic pallets are packed in a number of features, such as the ability to save time, to make your employees work more efficiently, and your money can be saved a lot.

For example, at the end of packing, cut off the film machine at every time of loading, about 30 seconds of time can be saved, let your employees on forklift is something you need to do.