Stretch Wrapping

The Set to the surroundings. Check him back up. Set the parking brake. The Lower the fork to the floor. Unbuckle a seat belt. Dismount forklift. The Cut film tail. Tuck truck. Disengage the parking lot of the film in tail. Climb brake. Pick wrapper. And the load And delete it And then repeat

If you’re already at the loading dock, chances are you’re giggling. No, you can take a look. Here are 27 steps… Right. The seat belt will be skipped by the operator, which may be the brake. Once the forklift was put down by him, stretching the wrapping paper through the whole package cycle was what he wanted to see. Two minutes of labor was wasted. If you waste time, it’s very bad. “Help” the wrapper to do its job is what he wants to do. He won’t help with the next load or do something productive.

You need to know that the value of the wrappers is our goal, and we can do a lot of things to accomplish this. For example, we can consider simple features. These features have a lot to do with automation. And the opportunity to make bad choices can be eliminated. Therefore, these simple features must be used rationally because it can bring me great benefits.

As we all know, this is a simple example.

Engineering flexibility.

Whether you’re a factory engineer or a company owner or general company. Whether you want to develop this specification for your next wrapper, or you want to invest it carefully in the future. That’s not important. One of your criteria is to build flexibility. You can’t forget that. As we all know, the machines you choose are all guaranteed, and it can also meet the best performance of your changing needs. At the same time, more value can be retained by him. Does that sound good?

Lean Operations

Do you know what a more efficient warehouse operation is? It’s 9 DC and warehouse slots.

If you’re a manufacturing company or dealer, using a warehouse or distribution center is something you might be doing. Your goal is to ensure that you can store inventory and replenish the store. At the same time, it can be more convenient to deliver goods to customers. Or it can be more convenient to receive goods made or distributed.

First, if you’re going to run a slot for DC or a warehouse, do you have enough tools?

As we all know, if it is goods warehouse, it before starting a project, you have a corridor, the gulf, shelves, and must ensure that have the slot position, and they have clearly marked with signs of large and easy to recognize. A shelf or part of the whole shelf can be a slot. What is the role of your warehouse management system? They must be able to reflect these storage locations in time, and their purpose is to control the location appropriately in your repository or DC. As a consultant, I saw a lot of warehouses and DCs that didn’t have a location, and I had already entered. It can be said that the logo of the warehouse operation management is very bad. You leave it to people who have been there for a long time, “it’s in their heads.” “All the other members of the warehouse operation team have to ask a question, and the question is what is this person? It is clear that this is a waste of time and efficiency. For senior warehouse workers, this could be job security. But if this “knowledgeable person” happens, then this is not a good, qualified management. And, you know, that’s probably going to happen.

The most appropriate storage location for each item in the warehouse is slotting. Sometimes, the benefits of proper warehouse management are ignored by the head of the warehouse operation. Maybe these people don’t even know what a slot is, or what are the potential benefits? Can you bring efficiency to the warehouse? What these people need is just a slot for education.

It is important to understand the slotting of the warehouse. You have to understand: if it’s in its place, then, everything has a place.

Do you know the basic information in the field that we are familiar with every day? We can look at that. In daily activities, we all know that you do a lot of things. If you have time to look at your kitchen cabinets, you may find a problem with the dishes and cooking utensils you often use in front of an accessible cabinet. If you live in a snowy area, place the snow shovel near the garage door, or the door of your home is very likely to happen.