Stretched Wrapper

Here, it has three meanings:

If it is a stretched wrapper that runs at the best performance level, its chances are low. The more important thing for maintenance is to maintain throughput and maximize performance, which is what it wants to accomplish and what it wants to accomplish. We can see that the skills and knowledge of maintaining and optimizing stretch wrappers are disappearing, and it is disappearing from the plants at a higher and higher speed, but there are some terrible ones. We also have a proposal, but the cost of the proposal is expensive, and an expensive proposition is a poorly maintained aging machine. In fact, you can see, it compared with the upgrade to the new stretch packaging, will produce more expensive cost, so, if you do this, also in terms of cost, greatly increased, and that is something we have been reluctant to see.

If this is the case, do you know what the stretcher manufacturer is doing? They are working to improve the situation. So let’s see.

What is a smart machine? What we need to do is build knowledge on the packaging. Operator does not tell us is what to do, the wrapper operator tell us machine load and wrapper should be how to package it, obviously, this is its role and value.

What are the benefits of automatically maintaining load quality? – it can make each load plenty of control that can be make sure – it can minimize skill for the operation personnel to correctly handle the load, which is an obvious advantage.

What is real-time performance management? You know what? We can manage and maintain real-time reports on the Internet, so we can make adjustments very quickly, and we can quickly correct the problems.

Know L is how to deal with these problems is our purpose, in order to achieve this goal, you can look at our news, thin G packaging and loads are waiting for our L scoop.




We have three distinctive views on the maintenance of material handling machinery. Below, if you don’t mind, we can take a look at it.

Some very interesting insights are provided by data from the 2016 maintenance survey of plant engineering, which includes:

61% of maintenance operations need to use the “run – to – a failure” to the determination of initial machinery requires attention. Packaging system normally closed only once per year maintenance plan, but the material handling equipment as it is not the same, material handling equipment is generally close 4 to 6 times /. Do you know the biggest reason to wait for machine downtime? After our preliminary study, we have been able to basically determine that the primary reason is the aging equipment. Maintenance outsourcing about 22% (only increased by 29% since 2015), 55% of the factory plans to upgrade equipment, the frequency of the purpose is to make downtime is greatly reduced, although we now have evidence that that capital equipment spending is slowing, but it changes nothing. The reasons for this phenomenon is the lack of human and technical skills, maintenance outsourcing trend. Challenges to improve maintenance, lack of staff, lack of budget, understand/around the new technology training is insufficient, lack of management support, scheduling and inconsistent

Obviously, it’s all included. The disruptive impact of downtime is also very large, leading to more than half of the respondents to address this issue by considering machine upgrades. At the same time, we can see the thing is to improve maintenance is also in constant rise, this means that costs will continue to increase: since 2015, the average time of scheduled maintenance/week/factory from 20 to 22, everybody can see, this is a kind of increase.

Do you know what this means to the people of rind?




Spring is coming. The warm weather had arrived and the days had lengthened, but so did the dreaded allergy.

So, for this new season, spring cleaning is also needed. You can scrub your bathroom and kitchen floor, organize your closet, and donate whatever you don’t use.

Of course, we all know that this is also a good time to clean up and reorganize your warehouse and dock area. There is a good way to check the maintenance of the machine.

When you check your equipment, you should also check your stretch wrapping paper, which must not be forgotten. The main cause of downtime is lack of preventive maintenance, so this is a good opportunity to ensure that your machine is running smoothly.

For example, when it runs, we ask you to listen to your stretch wrap. If any squeaking or grinding sounds are heard, you need to find out why and fix it.

Any kind of tape will need to be checked – usually, the ones that drive the film transmission system, up and down, under the turntable, to make sure that they are not frayed. If changing the belt is what you need to do, you can call the manufacturer’s parts department and a new delivery will be available. If it is a good manufacturer, they will ship the parts the next day.

It’s very important to have regular maintenance checks on your stretching packaging. However, the purpose of the inspection is to ensure that your tensile wrappers can be effectively wrapped.

In fact, knowing that your load is safe isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s concentrated in the control, and we all know that this is a cumulative compression of the film on the load. The best defense against traffic damage is containment.

It’s important to know how much control you need to load, and to make sure that you have at least as many. If you want to download our recommendation chart, you can start here.

By checking your machine every year, you reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic maintenance problem. By examining the process of your packaging quality, the opportunity for your product can also be increased, because it is our purpose to make it to their purpose without harming it.


Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping

You can keep your stretcher like new, at runtime.

This is the beginning of the New Year. Many of us have made up our minds to organize, they want to eat healthily and spend more wisely.

The thing you need to do is keep your semi-automatic stretching packaging equipment healthy, so that your work budget can be extended.

When the stretch wrapper is involved, you can do some simple things, low cost and no cost objective is to ensure that your machine is working well, at the same time, the load for you, it can also be packaged as possible.

Here are some common problems and trouble spots:

First, there are squeaks, grinds and pimples.

If the machine is not properly set, it will cause unnecessary wear. If the machine is working properly, a noticeable noise or vibration will not appear. Second, the mobile component bindings

Periodically. The part that gets stuck is the ability to stop stretching the wrappers. Once again, the machine should be able to run smoothly, and there is no obvious noise or movement shock.

Third, project tracking and wearing

There should be no barriers, tears, or abrasions to the movie delivery and dial/winding armband.

Fourth, loose or missing hardware.

Because of the loose components, unnecessary wear and tear is caused, so we all know that the very danger is the loss of parts.

Do you know what other areas to check? It includes cracks or broken guards, film necks and debris.

Most of these problems can be solved by yourself. However, there is a problem that you may encounter, and to be honest, it is a little serious. If that happens, don’t hesitate to call the certified technician and ask them to check.

Simple preventative maintenance can not only extend the lifespan of your stretched wrapping, but also allow you to put your money in your pocket in the days to come.

Are you looking for other ways to improve? You can check our 10-step process and you can reduce the damage by stretching the packaging more effectively. Our process will show you a lot of things: 50% of the transportation costs will be reduced. Key elements of the tensile packaging standard can also be displayed. How do you manage the containment? The most critical component of stretching is the containment force.




Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping

Do you know how much maintenance it takes if it is semi-automatic pallet packaging?

An industrial machine with moving parts is a semi-automatic pallet packaging machine. It and other similar machine, a few simple checks daily or weekly for they run smoothly, it is helpful, and before the potential problems you can also provide help, let you find problems in a timely manner.

What is the maintenance guide?

To look at. Listen to them. Behavior.

Before the first load is packaged, you can take a few seconds to make a quick visual check on the pallet packaging. Anything that looks unusual, missing, dirty, or broken can be found. For example, whether the film roller is installed correctly is what you need to check, or whether there is a thin film fragment under the turntable, or if there is a leak.

When the first load is covered by you, you need to be careful. Look at the text and listen to the tape. If a strange sound is heard by you, you need to stop the machine. You should be alert for any squeaking or scraping or any screeching noise.

How to act! If there is a problem, then all we need to do is solve it now. It’s not going to happen.

You must disconnect the power supply before you execute any maintenance program. And you need to regularly remind your operators to read any warnings or warnings on pallets. After a while, maybe these symbols become almost invisible.

The key is regular maintenance.

One thing that most people agree on is that it is easier to avoid problems than to interrupt workflows, and it is less stressful and less costly. Even the cheapest pallet packs will be equipped with a manual, with maintenance instructions and part guides. For your particular machine, it is necessary to refer to it, but in general, it is very meaningful to perform the following operations at least quarterly.

The turntable straps or chains need to be checked to ensure proper tension and wear are ensured. You can adjust or replace it as needed. The film transmission system’s lifting belt or chain wear needs to be checked. With fpc1 oil, you can replace the desired lubrication chain. This makes the operation smooth and ensures that it will last longer.

Although, semi-automatic pallet packing for you, continue nursing is not needed, but also need a little attention, occasionally downtime can be avoided, and more expensive repairs or maintenance can be avoided.