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stretch film
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The packing by new stretch film the same savings in energy of 293 million gallons of gas or the energy consumed in heating and cooling for 643,000 homes during one year. As C and C calculate, there will be nothing concern about the fragile stretch film.

Application techniques are very advanced in nowadays.

Regarded as an advanced designed material, both C film is and even every film is produced to be the pre-stretched with in a special kind in order to come out the maximum strength characteristics of the t materials. This kind is generally accepted. By the way, there are time limits on to apply stretch wrap, you should finish it in 2 days. You can finish it by hand or by machine as you like. But, it is a little different. That is the hand wrapping will cause more labor and will be slower. While the manual effort just could not stretch the film bigger than 10 to 20 percent in an effective way on average. So, you could know that this method has consequences on holding strength that is not positive. In order to raise the stabilization of the holding strength, personnel usually on wrap the pallet and cost more material than the necessary cost of the wrap the pallet. Workers are proved to get hurt from tripping, falls and same motion.


Regarded as the preferred means of obtaining good performance from the packing material and cleaning the negatives of hand wrapping, Stretch wrap machines can obtain good performance from the material and eliminating the negatives of hand wrapping. The more the material will be stretched, the lower the use and the more the savings. Other good aspects include the lower costs on the labor, more stabilization on the load, and less harm to pallet loads during the longtime transportation.