Stretch Film

stretch film
pallet wrapping, stretch film


What can I do to make my tray load more effective?

What are we going to do when we try to effectively package my tray load? Isn’t this just the theoretical tray load, but the one sitting in front of me? Is that the one on the dock floor?

The typical question that our team asks every day is this. In fact, these questions include key questions such as:

What are the containment forces that we need? What should we do if we want to do this? What should we do if we want to prevent the load from being distorted or broken?

May is very important to chemists and technicians is film resins and additives, but also has a problem, the person responsible for delivery of tray the correct and no damage to the issue is a question of “how to do this”, because “why people say that the film is designed with a chemical element”.

We can look at it from a practical point of view. In fact, today’s stretch film is surrounded by many aspects, such as:

The first aspect is the balance between the work packaging force and the film layer.

The second balance problem is between the thin film layer and the throughput.

Third, the impact of the rupture of the project film on the package force and control (24/7 sustainable packaging force).

Fourth, if you reduce the size of the film or increase the pretension, you will have an impact on the package force, control, throughput, and film costs.

Now we’re going to look at each of these issues.

The first is the balance between the packing force and the stretch film

For each payload, they have a “correct” containment, and its weight and stability are determinants. The actual shipping experience is the best deterrent information, but if there is no data, there are some useful guidelines.





Pallet packaging

pallet wrapping, stretch film
Tail therapy
If our on-demand webinar has been seen by you, then, “what’s the best way to stretch it?” “You’re already familiar with the importance of dealing with the negative side of the movie.” In short, if they are dragged down, the quality and safety issues are represented by them. Pallet packaging usually provides a set of standard and optional solutions to ensure that the tail load can be ensured. For most of the tray, inside the trailer, there is a kind of effective and consistent solutions, also can load on them, and (assuming that there are some sticky stuff) in the film so that the effect is very good.
However, building products often lead to another set of movie tail challenges. The impact of the cross wind and trailer movement, even if the tail of the stretching film is the most skilled, will soon begin to fall off. This makes a more robust solution is needed — using an optional heat sealing device is generally the answer, the purpose is to make the back of the film there is a lot of building products can be ensured.
Let’s take a look at water and water conservation.
Transportation and storage are exposed – both in wood yards and in the workplace – meaning that building products are often exposed to elements. We protect the integrity of the load by protecting the film against the deterioration of uv radiation. However, an important consideration is to protect the product from water and moisture.
In fact, it can be simple, compared with the plastic of roof and floor board, have the same place – if we want to prevent the top of the precipitation was wet and protection at the bottom of the water, you need through a wooden tray. However, sometimes it requires more, and a common solution is to integrate two wrappers together as a common solution. First, we need a ring to wrap the product horizontally because it passes through a rotating stretch membrane. Top, bottom and sides are included. Next, what we need to do is pass the load to a traditional wrapper, which is wrapped up and needs to be vertical — all four edges need to be covered.

Pallet Packaging

What is fpc1 pallet packaging?
What is the unacknowledged benefit of upgrading the old tray packaging?
You may not even know it when you upgrade to a new pallet wrapper. The only thing we can do is to face the reality, the old also do the job, and it still seems to be packaged, in here, you don’t have any trouble, is apart from the occasional maintenance needs to be done, whether you should continue to use it is you want to know things, or a better option is to get a new one.
Of course, if your old packaging doesn’t run like it used to or it causes it to break down every time you use it, obviously, a new one will be needed. No problem. But if the old one can continue to work, a real need to upgrade to a new one will not be visible to you.
Well, you may not know, but in fact, we all know, there are also some benefits, a not can upgrade to the pallet packing is one you even don’t realize the update of pallet packaging, here are three ideas, may you never mind.
1 — safety first
Depending on the age of your machine, in the updated model, there has been progress on security improvements, and the biggest reason for the upgrade may be this one.
You can think about this. For some older machines, they have more exposed wires or motors, and some people stumble or fall or other injuries may occur. Today, we can see that most of the packaging is safe. Can even make the wrapper in the case of interruption of movie stop can be said to be the best approach, the operator tried to film reloading to the moving load can be prevent, however, it may cause some adverse consequences.