Stretch Wrapping

What is the standard packing height for semi-automatic stretch packing? You know what? Its standard packaging height is 80 inches. High (6 feet, 8 inches). But we recognize that some of the load levels will also change because of your delivery. If your load is 80 inches high. In height, then, a longer mast is needed. Fourth, the size of the turntable.

What is the standard turntable on the semi-automatic stretch packing? You know what? It’s 65 inches. That’s its diameter. They can also be used to store the most commonly used (40 x 48 inch) trays in a turntable. However, if the larger tray is used by you, buying a larger turntable is what you need to do. It is the tray that creates a dangerous environment for the operator. A worker too close to the wheel is the last thing you want to see, and we can see that the tray on the foot is too big.

Fifth, the scope of integration.

As we all know, it is common that some people are required to weigh the goods before shipment. On the one hand, your quality control process can be improved by weight. If your product’s pallet load has a certain amount of weight that you know, the customer won’t receive an incomplete order which can be guaranteed by you. Lost you can look at our blog posts, P case, how about balance as the final quality control method, we found that the three cases, the value of it is $26000, but it is stolen from the load center happened.

On the other hand, weighing loads can help shippers avoid fines from trucking companies. If they are to measure their burden, they have not always been able to do it. They rely on shippers to tell them the weight. However, if they leave because you gave them an inaccurate number, then you will be severely fined.




Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping

When people buy semi-automatic stretch wrappers, they usually forget five things. So let’s see. Can you see some of these five things that you forgot, or did you do well?

When you need to buy a fpc1 wrapper for your facility, the features and options you need will need to be determined. In this case, remember that you have some items that need to be remembered.

First, what is workload stability? You need to know that.

The most popular semi-automatic stretch wrapper is the fpc1 stretch wrapper, and, handling most of the load types, it can also be done. Generally speaking, these FPC stretch wrapping may not be the best option because it is very light, very heavy or unstable/sequential select load. If the load is too light, a weight may fall or fall, because the rotation and pull of the film is too big, so it is the result. In these cases, the best option is to wrap wrap arm’s stretched wrap, which is why the tray still remains on the floor, not a turntable. In this way, the load can still remain at rest, and the winding arm can also rotate around it.

In addition, the load on the floor is an ideal load for heavy or order selection. Being delivered directly to a designated location is also achievable for them, and can be packaged for less than extra mobile or promotion, which is very rare. We all know that it’s not necessary to lift the load onto the turntable with a forklift, or try to pull it up the slope.

Second, ramp.

Stretch wrappers are usually used by people and are used for goods that are carried by forklifts because people lift the tray to the turntable. However, if you are going to use a tray to move the tray, a ramp is needed because you are going to turn the load onto the turntable.

Third, project mast height.



Automatic Stretch Wrapping


Building area is another consideration. If it is a fpc1 wrapper, it is portable, because if you need, you also can move it at any time, we are all there is no denying the fact that this is a very good advantage, and the advantage is also very attractive, led to a lot of people to choose it. You can see that they are quite appropriate between the dock doors, which is a popular semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine position. The advantage of straddle packing is that it is more durable because you need to keep it fixed on the floor for a long time, so it needs to have the advantage of persistence. As we all know, durability is an asset that is valuable and rare.

A resilient packaging also makes more floor space occupied, which is why its rotating arms and support frame work. A larger floor space is needed because you have to clean your arms. The placement of the turntable can be smaller, and the use of a forklift with pallet.

If ceiling height is a problem, fpc1 stretch wrap can be a relatively better solution. The fpc1 stretch packing machine is shorter than the fpc2 wrapper with the same high capacity, so this is an advantage of this packaging machine.

The final consideration is the budget. The price of the fpc1 stretch package is generally not too high, typically between $5,000 and $15,000, while fpc2 packaging starts at a higher price, generally $17,500, and fpc2 packs are more expensive. So, if you compare prices, it’s obvious that the price of fpc2 is higher, so it’s not an advantage.

If make a choice between fpc1 and fpc2 stretch packaging is very difficult, because no matter what kind of wrapper, so you can always call you L, it can to help you, for you decide which model is best for you.


Stretching Package

When you choose to stretch the pack, do you know what you have to consider? Sometimes we have to think about something before making a choice, so we can make the right decision

For the right setting, it is tricky to choose the right semi-automatic stretching package unless the loaded load is considered. Although there are several different models and factors to choose from, we need to consider two basic styles: one is the fpc1 stretch wrapper and the other is the fpc2 stretcher wrapper. The structure and composition of the tray load is the deciding factor.

If it is on a turntable, the load will rotate on the turntable, while the film transmission system is moving up and down, distributing the stretch film. Generally speaking, the speed of a rotary table is rotating 12 to 15 RPM, so if it is a pallet load, it must be stable and solid, we can also see, the requirement of load weight is evenly distributed.

There is a straddle stretcher, and when the film transfer system revolves around the tray, it still holds the load, moving up and down to distribute the film. This is very useful for light and unstable loads, and we all know that if the tray rotates, it can be separate. It would be better if it weighed more than 5,000 pounds. On a tray, up to 5,000 pounds of turntable can be processed, but once it’s exceeded, it’s highly recommended to use a fpc2 stretch wrapper that’s what you’ll do.

The fpc1 stretch wrappers can be handled for most stretch wrapping applications. Do you know what our customers have bought? Their decisions are similar in some places, with the vast majority of them buying fpc1 stretch wrappers and fpc2 stretch wrappers. Nine of the 10 stretch packages we sold will be in the rotary disc model, which we can all see is very high.


Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping

You can keep your stretcher like new, at runtime.

This is the beginning of the New Year. Many of us have made up our minds to organize, they want to eat healthily and spend more wisely.

The thing you need to do is keep your semi-automatic stretching packaging equipment healthy, so that your work budget can be extended.

When the stretch wrapper is involved, you can do some simple things, low cost and no cost objective is to ensure that your machine is working well, at the same time, the load for you, it can also be packaged as possible.

Here are some common problems and trouble spots:

First, there are squeaks, grinds and pimples.

If the machine is not properly set, it will cause unnecessary wear. If the machine is working properly, a noticeable noise or vibration will not appear. Second, the mobile component bindings

Periodically. The part that gets stuck is the ability to stop stretching the wrappers. Once again, the machine should be able to run smoothly, and there is no obvious noise or movement shock.

Third, project tracking and wearing

There should be no barriers, tears, or abrasions to the movie delivery and dial/winding armband.

Fourth, loose or missing hardware.

Because of the loose components, unnecessary wear and tear is caused, so we all know that the very danger is the loss of parts.

Do you know what other areas to check? It includes cracks or broken guards, film necks and debris.

Most of these problems can be solved by yourself. However, there is a problem that you may encounter, and to be honest, it is a little serious. If that happens, don’t hesitate to call the certified technician and ask them to check.

Simple preventative maintenance can not only extend the lifespan of your stretched wrapping, but also allow you to put your money in your pocket in the days to come.

Are you looking for other ways to improve? You can check our 10-step process and you can reduce the damage by stretching the packaging more effectively. Our process will show you a lot of things: 50% of the transportation costs will be reduced. Key elements of the tensile packaging standard can also be displayed. How do you manage the containment? The most critical component of stretching is the containment force.




Stretch Wrapper

If is automation module options, it can achieve the goal of connect the film to the load, the purpose of let the operator can start the machine, and can also be removed from the wheel load, and leave the forklift is not needed. As we can see, it is very easy to adjust the load packaging selection on the control panel. On the control panel, you can display the number of packages at the top and bottom. On the machine is the operator’s guide. This operation guide has the ability to operate and adjust the machine.

So how do I know it’s reliable?

Looking for:

The indicator of market acceptance is a manufacturer with a large customer base, and life cycle testing is a key component that ensures reliability. And preventative maintenance is almost non-existent.

In any case, the chain has been replaced, and in general, it has been replaced with a belt. Lubrication or excessive noise is not necessary for a rotary support system. Lubrication or periodic adjustment is not required for a rotary drive system.

Q: if you want to have good support, what are the key factors?

A: according to these criteria, your potential purchase plan can be filtered:

Manufacturers provide support by providing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they are local dealers, they have factory training and certification technicians. The turntable machine is five years, it is the warranty period of the component, the warranty period of straddling machine is 3 years. There are operating manuals, video and parts lists for machines. Step-by-step troubleshooting and operational guidelines are provided by the machine. The promise of an extension was also provided by the manufacturer.

Know what you’re buying the most important thing. This suggests that you don’t need to take shortcuts. It is not equal to all machines. It is not advisable to tempt you into buying the wrong thing by making too good a deal. Remember, what you get is what you give.




Stretch Wrapping

Do you know what are the common problems of semi-automatic stretch wrappers?

Buying a stretch package now is an overwhelming process. The simplification problem is our goal. To achieve this, we focus only on a few areas when comparing models. For most of our customers, they care about the security, reliability, and ease of use of the machine. If there are problems in these areas, the support of the machine is what they hope for. You can read the following and learn how to evaluate semi-automatic stretching.

Problem: no one would say that their machine is unsafe. So, safe or not, how can I be sure?

A: we always believe that the safe stretching wrapping paper can stand out from the crowd. You can look for these features:

We closed all the wires and motors to prevent tripping and scratches and to prevent burning. What is the film transmission system: it is located on the same side of the mast, which is designed to prevent operators from walking between the mast and the load. Around the wheel, protection is needed to prevent the operator’s hand from being caught in the inside. If it’s a large enough turntable, you can let your tray stumble in the corners of your surroundings, which is very dangerous. We all know that there needs to be sufficient clearance between the edge of the load and the masts of the machine to prevent the operator from being sandwiched between it and the load.

Q: if you want to determine whether the machine is easy to use, what should I do?

Looking for:

Thread-technical simple film. In simple process, you can load the film on the load and the operator will not need the film on the tray. Automatic thin film cutting option can eliminate the purpose of artificial membrane cutting, so that operators can remove the goods from the turntable or change of loading area. Besides, it is not necessary to leave the forklift.



Stretch Wrapping


If you use two ways to increase automation, you can save a lot of money. If you don’t believe it, you can look down

You need to work smarter, not harder.

Automatically at the beginning of a cycle, a film will need to be added, and then attached to the load on the function, and, in the end, also need to be cut, which means that the operator in the case of without leaving the forklift, also can start the line cycle. You can put your driver on the forklift, and the average load per load is reduced by two minutes. The cost of this feature is about $4,000, and for a year, it’s about 30 times a day. You say this is not a very happy thing

As we can see, a lot of money has been saved by pre-stretching. One obvious consequence of this is that costs have been greatly reduced

Before the film is applied to the load, the pre-stretching roll elongates the membrane in the transmission system. The film stretches to 3000%, you can do it, you can turn 5,000 feet into 20,000 feet, and we can save a lot of money from stretching. Well, why don’t you do it? Have you ever calculated how much money you saved?

What is automatic payment?

The function of the extended wrapping machine is not only to help you pack better, but it also helps you to prevent the outflow of funds. In the years to come, even a small amount of investment can be turned into big savings.

The chart above shows the same savings for seven years. Just pack 30 pieces of goods a day, and a $14,000 machine could save you a lot of money, almost $53,900. Now, we can all see it, it’s a smart investment.



Pallet Wrapping

We can put these steps in a short list to make more careful analysis. Now, as we can see, as you grow, the volume increases, and the understanding of labor and security will be the first area where the “corner is cut” and waste and/or injury infiltrated.

Areas of concern.

For most operations, turning around is the ultimate risk of harm. For example, when an operator moves from a forklift to a machine and performs certain functions, they usually move quickly.

This may save a bit of time, but the step of security may be skipped by the operator. Fpc2 requires an operator to set up his forklift, the parking brake needs to be set, and it needs to be fastened. We can see that if a process requires the operator to get on and off the channel, then people often ignore these steps.

However, these steps are easily overlooked steps that are often ignored when the trailer is waiting to be loaded at the end of the day.

A process with automation as the backbone needs to be designed.

If you have to decide how much your application needs to automation, first of all, material saving and security features need to be considered and used as a business process decision, and the second output requirements.

Don’t you want to wrap it up? It’s not ok to just pick the easiest one. You can study this process carefully. We are also happy to help when there is no obligation to call. With your current application, we can discuss it and suggest opportunities to optimize your processes to make your costs less and more efficient. Here, we also have a lot of free education resources, such as our free eBook, select the correct tray packaging guide, here, if you want to download, are free.


Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping


Controlling production speed may be something you can’t do, and when the truck arrives, you can’t control it as a corollary. Your employees need to be paid for 8 hours working time is it show come out, but, if they want to do most of the value, is very tight in one day three hours to complete. It can be said that this is a good use for the inefficient use of time and labor.

If it is a typical stretch packaging procurement process, it will reduce the efficiency of the staff, as this is based on the daily throughput of the machine rather than the peak demand. Once the efficiency has been increased by you, the additional bottleneck will be generated by you. The truck waiting for the load is waiting for the machine to load. This process is not a completely balanced process.

Moving the problem of semi-automatic and automatic stretching from the speed of a plane to an optimization process and reducing the total cost is a solution. It’s a huge leap, to say the least. Especially when a company only loads between 30 and 50 times a day, it’s a leap. But if it is a big leap, it means that it needs careful analysis. Here’s why.

Scope automation.

We know that a simple black or white, automatic or semi-automatic option does not exist. In fact, different degrees of automation are provided by today’s tray packaging. A series of intermediate options are provided by modular design.

A very good start is the study of time and motion. If you look at the process – whether in a quiet time, or at the time of the peak – you will soon find it, we can from the Angle of consistency, safety or quality, what step is problematic.