Stretch Wrappers



Stop and check your bottom plate is the best result. Even if we can reconstruct everything properly enough to damage sensitive transfer of the broken plate, even the conversion between the large fpc5 drum conveyor can be damaged.

What are the other considerations?

Different sizes, entry options and certifications are required by international shipments, and fumigation is included.

Also required pallet size and configuration include retail trends, which are not the same as the traditional 4-way entry 40X48 “tray configuration” by terminal cap and display requirements.

Depending on your other requirements, our various tray supply models can provide you with special advantages.

The tray was dying.

It is interesting to note that many companies are very hard working, goal is enables flexible packaging and corrugated consumption be reduced, but the source of the tray to reduce but they often ignore/sustainability.

The volume of a single tray into the waste stream is many times larger than the reduced amount of flexible packaging used in the primary product packaging. As a result, we can see any review on the tray system, for the whole life cycle analysis have been included, the EoL program is consistent with the express sustainability goals and enterprise concept that can be ensured. From an environmental perspective, some pallet management recommendations are balanced.

In addition to traditional processing, our options include recycling, as well as various cutting, grinding and coverage solutions. In fact, specialized safety membranes are also included, producing an aging tray.

Do you know that you have a small number of pallets and love a good DIY project? What would you say if you turned them into furniture?

It’s ok if you want to keep your course intentionally.

That’s the bottom line. You have a lot of options, but there are a lot of things you need to worry about. However, your business will get a lot of development — and many things won’t change, such as customer needs and expectations, quantity, cost, and other factors.

The thing you need to do is check your tray routine regularly to make it still fit for your needs and that can be guaranteed. This doesn’t mean that changing it is what you need to do, but consciously keeping it constant is what you need to do, relying on habits is not feasible.


Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping

Although it is common to buy, there are other patterns. Leasing is the most common pattern, and sometimes we call it the fpc1 tray. Almost everyone is familiar with the blue fpc2 tray. For companies that offer a collection of pallets, they generally agree on their strengths. They include:

The first is the potential cost reduction maintenance cost, the second is logistics management

Besides fpc2, what other well-known fpc1 pallet suppliers include? Both fpc2 and fpc3 are included, and the plastic pallet service is provided by it, with the fpc4 tag embedded in it.

Another model that conforms to a specific definition and closed-loop supply chain scenario is pallet management. In this model, what the company owns is their tray, not the lease, but rather to control them, simply to send them to a path that is not what the company wants to do. For example, a cloud-based asset management and visibility platform is provided by M. What is a good pallet problem?

The problem of orders and accuracy on the warehouse floor is not comprehensive – although we all know that the problem of internal and security is broken boards.

To retailers, you can sell a variety of pallets, cartons and logistics vendors. What is the content of this article? Some retailers get a lot of revenue from these expenses, about 13% of their income! We all know that whether it’s 1% or 13%, it doesn’t matter. If you want to be a good supplier, pay the other dividend is what you should do, the purpose is to ensure that your tray do not spend your money, make sure from your supplier scorecard on depreciation of the won’t happen.

Also important for your operation and tray… In fact, when the options for adding automation are considered, it’s very important that the tray bottom plate conditions and direction. Do you want to do what you want to do for space reasons?


Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping

Below, let’s take a look at tray management, lease, and business.

You need to push the product out the door

At the booth of P, we have a lot of quotations from customers. Here’s my favorite conversation:

“I don’t have time to work for quality… Get these things out.”


“I don’t want to worry about that.”

Talk of stretch packaging and stretch film, they will be dedicated to do it, but, under the background of warehouse management, these emotions are applicable conveyor, forklifts and other related components – tray was also included.

Are you taking the time to worry about your tray pool? But, have you ever wondered, should this be? Your tray needs to take care of itself – it’s similar to the towel and paper towels in the bathroom. However, this may be a matter of regular re-evaluation, especially if your business is developing regularly.

Of course, not all businesses need to use pallets. Very common tray selection is floor load, bulk, slip, and small packages. We will cooperate to work with many companies use these methods such as – in high-speed elastic tensile products and e-commerce application of small package installation and sealing area, we will cooperate more.

What is the type of tray program?

For companies that rely on pallets to deliver products, they have a range of options. In the traditional sense, many companies buy pallets that they need. If you do that, there will be a clear cost, which is something we all know, and it’s ok to be planned and set up pricing.

For tray, buy new and used are very easy, we all know that this is a huge market, in the latter, we know that there can be many single life, often in a local renovation and resell for their next trip.


 semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping

Today’s semi-automatic stretch wrapping can include more pre-stretching
This is a labor-saving feature that can save you a lot of money. What can you do with the stretch wrap?
First, you can automatically cut the film at the end of the work.
After each cycle, your operator may not leave the forklift or tray. By eliminating this process, 30 seconds of work can be saved, or you can save $7,500 in five years.
Second, the film is captured at the end of the packaging cycle, and the line cycle can be activated without removing the forklift, and the film will be fixed on the load.
The need to cut the film at the end of the loop is not only eliminated, but the need to press the “start” button on the control panel has also been eliminated. Instead, your operators can stay on the forklift, the remote control to start the machine can be used, when the load for packaging, can also perform another task, and extract it can be completed in the cycle. We call this simple automation — it’s a technology that, in the first five years, at least $25,000 has been saved for typical users.
Thirdly, the project can achieve the purpose of weighing the load without increasing the cycle time.
Some stretched wrapping paper is marked on the turntable. When weighing and packing simultaneously, double the load of 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes from a stretch wrapper to an independent flat scale is something you can do. This will reduce the workforce of $7,000 to $15,000 in five years. Also, when you weigh your load each time, the risk of paying a lower fee than the truck’s weight is greatly reduced.
These features have reduced the lifetime of thousands of dollars in human life, and the excellent fpc3 has been provided. Even if they are in the 40 load/day applications, only 20% of the time is used, but they still have great economic significance.