stretch wrappers packaging features have been narrowed down, which will make the biggest economic difference in your loading zone, whether you pack 50 times a day or pack 500 times. In the long run, there are many functions that can be saved, and even in many cases, it is possible to pay for the entire machine in less than a few years.
Here are some ideas to help you visualize which functions actually increase efficiency.
In the first five years, simple automation saved the average customer a lot of labor, and we could see at least $50, 000 in labor. At the end, the thin film is cut off by fpc2, which can be connected to the load at the beginning of the loop. This means that your operator can still stay on the forklift, and it is ok to use remote control to start the machine. Now he can perform another task, and the load package (for example: take another load, print the shipping tag, and complete the bill.
Transportation losses can be prevented by a loader’s connective device, and companies lose a lot of money each year, which can be as much as billions of dollars. About $30,000 could be saved by this device for the average customer – otherwise the load off the tray would be lost – on the stretch package of economic life. A thin film applied to the top of your tray is a special roller, and between the load and the pallet, a strong connection needs to be established. If there is no proper load to the pallet connection, you risk a great deal, such as the risk of slipping off the tray during transit, and it will be damaged. They may disintegrate or occur with a nearby load collision.

stretch wrppers

How should we avoid stretching packaging “running around”
According to the national institute on occupational safety and health (NIOSH), the company reported that 95,000 people were injured in forklift accidents per year.
For those who are semi-automatic, this is a risky proposition to open and close the forklift. About a third of accidents occur when operators install and remove their forklifts, causing shoulder injuries, concussions, sprained ankles and even broken bones, all of which are extremely damaging.
There is also a risk that human ergonomics — stretching, stretching, pulling, and so on — is involved, all of which add up to what is known as “running around”.
Avoiding these risks is the best way to manage these risks.
Simple automation is semi-automatic class in the most effective tensile packing increased, tensile strength to see the end of the film packaging circulation, start packing loop line switch or remote control device, activated without dismantling the forklift is possible.
Simple automation not only allows operators to operate on the forklift, but also the need for physical operation of stretching packaging has been greatly  the security has been enhanced by it. In addition, you can see the labor productivity of two minutes per load. In the first five years, an average customer could save a lot of labor costs, perhaps as much as $50,000 in labor costs.
The obvious thing is to do the same thing with machines, especially cheap ones.
A factory manager’s guide can be used to stretch packaging equipment and save
When searching for the perfect stretch wrap, a large number of machine choices can be faced by you. For many people, it is very important to buy a high-quality machine. High quality means that the machine is safe and easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. But getting the most out of the machine is something that people can’t forget, and the characteristics that make it efficient.

Stretch wrap machines are well justified on a basis that will be returned on investment by estimated the savings on the material and labor work .

C wrappers are one of the simplest parts of the machinery to cost, apply, and keep in a just way. Simple, that means, if one could know the basis of specifying the right stretch-wrap machine for the application.


Material and Labor Savings of the stretch wrap machines have the just and cheap price.


Stretch film is designed to be sustainable, that mean, once it can stretch to the real features of the material emerge. For of its engineered features, the film has much higher level at puncture and tearing time when it has been stretched. It also has bigger load holding capacity.


We all know that the majority of machines paying for themselves in one year or in two years. But the stretch-wrap machines have the just price on material, on labor savings, and also on the load usage. Great improvements has been made in terms of material savings in comparing with today’s high-performance machines C the material by 250 percent or even more of them. This means that each root of the stretch film when leaving the roll covers two-and-a-half times more space than whether the material was not extended at all.


When we compare the “percent stretch” to the cost that a motorist will save over a year’s time by raising an automobile’s mileage life from 10 miles per gallon to 35 miles per gallon, a 250 percent distinct. Stretching the film provides that same kind of saving may go farther even at te less cost. The material savings is highest when an organization improves from manual wrapping, only 20 to 30 percent stretch, or from a worn stretch wrapping machine to a brand new semiautomatic or automatic stretch wrapping machine that capable of 260 percent or higher pre-stretch of the stretch wrapping machine.