Stretch Film Cost


Before loading and leaving the dock, the purpose of freight reduction is to be realized.

The current trend in Labor costs continues to rise. This year, us Labor costs hit record Numbers, the biggest gain in more than five years.

Stretching packaging needs to be considered, especially those that already involve manual packaging loads. We all know that this process is a time-consuming process. The operator sometimes has to do the same thing on the forklift truck.

In fact, when you’re using a wrapper that has an extended wrapper that improves productivity, it’s actually ok to avoid these tedious steps.

Here, we have three experts who have given hints, and with little effort, you can achieve the goal of reducing costs:

A dynamic pretensioning membrane conveying system has been invested in stretching packaging. This influential productivity boost can reduce movie costs substantially, and by experience, it is generally reduced by at least 50%. The process of extending the membrane is pre-stretching, and the membrane production can be improved. When two rollers rotate at two different speeds in the movie delivery system, the film stretches. If it’s a regular customer, he can save at least $25,000 in five years. You can use simple automation to achieve the goal of eliminating the labor force, which is a technology that has been saved at least $50,000 in the first five years. At this point, your operator still starts the machine with the remote control on the forklift. It is also ok to perform another task, and when the load ends and the loop completes, it is ok to select it. What needs to be done in packaging is weighing. Buying new stretched packaging with a built-in size is one option, and another option is to use existing wrappers on the platform. When weighing and packaging are being done at the same time, it is ok to double the load from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes from one stretch wrapper to one platform scale. In 10 years, this will make the labor force much smaller, and in general it can reduce the labor force by $15,000 to $30,000. Also, when each load is weighed against you, the risk of paying an expensive no more than a truckload (LTL) is reduced.

Eliminating unnecessary steps can actually reduce labor, and your money will be saved – saving thousands of dollars in just a few years.


Stretch Film

pallet wrapping, stretch film

Do you know what the glue is? Why is it in the stretch membrane?

Is a term used in film, stretch film, its main purpose is stretch packaging machine, to fix a heap of material to a tray is main to do it, its purpose is to form a unitary or single, reliable, and can transport objects, the destination, it to the desired state. Usually the stretch film is made of LL or linear low density polyethylene, which has good weight, cost and strength. Not long ago, we wrote this article, and in this article, there is the process of making a stretch film.

Fpc1 extruder add various compounds, in general are added to the stretch film, making the required performance characteristics can be offered, and you can also make it easier to deal with the application of the film machine, stretch packaging. The binder is one of the key additives.

So, let’s see what the viscosities is?

In the extrusion process, the adhesive is a kind of binder, which is used as the addition layer in the stretch film (to remove the solid polymer, so as to melt and form the membrane or tube). The mechanism that transports adhesion to film is this binder.

So, what is break-even?

“Sticky” is the film’s “sticky” property. We can put it in other words, the layer that attaches to the top and the upper layer is a membrane.

Used to develop an adhesive layer can be applied to a movie, is tackier, film is also at the same level, the two sides or differential levels on both sides of the film, cause different degree of more and less binding, will hold down each side.




pallet wrapping, stretch film
For example, an operator can stay on his forklift, instead of standing around the machine to watch the load pack, and the operator needs to be able to perform more value-added work. Moving from his forklift truck to another car was something he could do. When he finished the work, retrieving the completed load was what he could do.
When the security risks that accompany the operator are eliminated, a safer, happier and more efficient work environment will be yours. Paying a little upfront is what you need to do to get your operators to work on their forklift, and the machines are very hard to do.
Turn time into money, what should you do?
You need to keep it… Especially labor costs.
People are expensive, but they are worth it if their time is spent on productive activities. Stretch of time is by hand, you can watch when wrapped load rotation, and then on the forklift to up-and-down movement, makes films or press “start” can be reduced, but this is clearly not qualified. It is also not necessary to move the load from the wrapper to the independent platform. We can see that all this is a waste of time and money.
Today’s fpc1 stretch wrap has many features, such as its ability to save time, give your people more important tasks, and your money can be saved.
For example, a machine automatically cuts off the film at the end of the machine, and about 30 seconds of load can be saved, and one employee needs to get up on the forklift. In more than five years, 50 times a day of work can be done, and over $7,500 of labor costs can be saved by one function, $14 per hour. If the film has also been installed to the machine, then the time saved can reach each load for 2 minutes, 5 years, and at the same time saved more, may be more than $30000.
As we can see, some of the stretched wrappers are already built into the turntable, so the packaging and weighing can also be done. This means that it is not necessary to move the load from the wrapper to the independent platform level. Within five years, you can take each load for another 30 seconds to a minute and a half… And an additional $7,500 to $22,500 labor cost savings.
What do you do with this extra time? Some productive things can be done by them — like loading another tray, printing a shipping tag, or completing a full report of the bill of lading.
Time and labor-saving features don’t cost you the bottom line in stretching packages; They will save you money. Very good returns are also being offered.