Stretch Wrapping

Do you know what a block chain is? It’s a unique concept of identifiers and anti-fraud, and it was originally developed for bitcoin, and what about its technology? As we can see, its technology is also a very early development. Because of its origins in bitcoin, there are many early applications in the area of financial science and technology. However, the focus of many early applications and fascinating experiments is the supply chain insight. Block chain technology is all provided by this article, which may affect the way the supply chain is delivered, especially for the warehouse/delivery/receive operation. Logistics is from the Wall Street journal article 1 from the Wall Street journal article 3 of the | | b mentioned in article 2, it even causes a lot of discussion, such as L group “logistics chain blocks” discussion.

We can see that it has the potential to exciting – but now there are still many theory, need to be one of the key quality, will have to do is supply chain system, because it need access to a wide range of value.

Do you know what a DNA tag is?

From now on, there is a less technical discussion of technology than the block chain, but it is technically more advanced. In fact, DNA markers are a fully developed patent and deployed in this area. It also has a big impact, and the effect is incredible.

The process of applying DNA science to describe their signature fpc1 is as follows:

We use unique and powerful methods to verify originality, where does it come from? Because is essentially infinite variability of reason, you can create a personalized custom DNA sequences, and it can also be embedded in a series of the host medium, for example, such as ink, varnish, lines, layer board and metal coating.


Stretch Wrapping

film packing machine

So, in our case, if it’s an opaque and safe packaging load, it’s not that attractive.

The second step is detection.

How do you know if an internal case has been removed? Or if we repackage a load. Is damage or convenience included in transit for any reason?

The effective way to detect load changes is to weigh the pallet load while stretching the packaging. A simple way to provide reliable supply chain security is to check the weighing load and keep the weight record.

You can look at our most recent popular news about stealing Pappy van Winkle bourbon, which is very thought-provoking. Here, do you know what it’s like to check the weighing? It is used to prevent theft.

A very rarely used but very effective indicator is provided by the printed stretch film, which is not easily replicated. Even those with no impression of random print, often at the same time also can promote your brand, at the same time, very not worth advocating is to let your customers receive team immediately aware of something. If the printing film appeared on the shipping documents, it may even occur to remind those who were not used to your sharp with the recipient’s situation, this is because they have the brand of the cause of the stretch film.

Do you know what additional technologies include? Used for the general tracking tool outside the stretch film (usually a pressure-sensitive label on the bill of lading), recording excessive shaking or tipping are included. For those who run the brand tape on the shell, it is also ok to provide unit level tamper instruction.

Supply chain substitution needs to be prevented, and the new technology of fraud also requires us to figure out a way to respond.

Block chain.

What is tensile wrapping? It is a common, simple method to prevent and detect the physical tampering between the shipment and the receipt. But, we can see that, as the supply chain is becoming more and more thin and complex, and because the product claim is more and more becomes the key to distinguish between suppliers, such as organic certification of this trend, take additional measures are considered by the company, because they need to guarantee the authenticity.


Do you know what supply chain is safe?

Do you know what supply chain is safe? It is the value of stretching the packaging that is not recognized.

Anti-theft deterrent & detection is also the unrecognized value of stretching packaging

You may have good training for your reception team. When the goods arrived, inventory items carefully and check that the damage is they will do, we are photographs, for any damage to be observed, and it can conduct a complete indicate when to sign the bill of lading. Similar processes are being followed by your customers, and for most C products C products are consumer packaged products, which is sufficient.

But in some cases, that’s not the case. Some products, regulatory control or high value are the foothold, they need more. In these cases, providing additional supply chain security in both areas can be stretched and packaged.

Deterrence is the first thing to do.

There are several things you can do to make your load less popular. To unify them is the simplest method. When goods are found to have exceeded or declined in the process of logistics and delivery, the boxes will change and become disorganized or dispersed. If they are scattered around the box, they are not only subject to the loss of opportunity theft, but also the damage and unintentional dislocation.

What is safe packaging? Individual distribution units (such as corrugated boxes) are eliminated by the cubic load. Complete and proper are the states of their appearance; The load of confidence is owned by them, and being disrupted is what they don’t want to happen.

Sometimes, taking another step to eliminate the temptation is something you need to do — those products based on value or intrinsic nature need to be considered again. In these cases, the identification or product description can be prevented by an opaque stretch film because the product has caused unnecessary attention through the distribution network.