Is it possible to stretch the packaging?

What you want to achieve sustainability is all on the packaging.

The packaging of emission reduction and sustainable development is of concern to all. As we can see, manufacturers have a 360-degree incentive to reduce packaging while reducing packaging, driven by cost reduction plans, general awareness, social pressures and supplier scorecards.

We can see that there are other aspects of walking green. There is a good example is the net effect of the change, sometimes, lead to cannot be the cause of the sales of products in the landfill site is increased, in fact, some reduction measures are likely to be exceeded. The other is the content of the post-consumer recovery, which leads to a common problem.

Is it ok to recycle the packaging?

In short, the answer is very positive. In general, the use of fpc3 is the stretch film, which we call class 4 in the recycling process.

For many plastics, the more complicated answer is the real world. Imagine the task of collecting and packing a pack of cigarettes, or protecting a long-bent “European” cucumber in a grocery store. With a wide distribution in a very small batch of retail plastic packaging to make a comparison, the stretch film can usually be reacquired, in a centralized warehouse.

You know what that means? Not only can we recycle the stretch film from a theoretical or scientific point of view, but it also has the characteristics of feasibility and economy from a practical point of view.

Now let’s look at the stretch wrap recycling guide.

In the mid – 90 – s, the American society of plastic and plastic industry association cooperation developed a recycling guidelines, this guide is full of stretch packaging recycling guidelines, and we can see that it is still relevant, and it can be downloaded for free here.

While the guidelines are somewhat dated in terms of some of the market factors listed, a good starting point is being collected and integrated in part to provide for the stretch packaging recycling program.

Whether it’s employee training and awareness, packaging and storage skills, it’s still very applicable to today’s warehouse operations, just as it was when it was written.

The economic benefits of recycling today compared with when writing, may be better – so convincing C case study become more favorable, Pepsi, Target and harder Busch were included.

Recycle plastic packaging.

Recently, an updated design guide for plastic recycling has been published in the packaging world. In the description, this very important note is also made by A.



Stretch Wrapping


pallet wrapping, stretch film

A feedback loop needs to be built to make maintenance standards guaranteed.

The truth is, the net savings of movies are not always produced by thinner films! Because of the reduction of film thickness, the rupture of the film will result in the loss of the film layer. Because finding the root cause of a movie break is hard, operators often try to get rid of them by reducing the way they pack power until they stop. Therefore, it is necessary to use more film layers to restore and maintain lost control, and film consumption can be increased.

There is no optimal packaging pattern for each load. However, an optimal containment force is indeed possessed by it. If in my load, 10 pounds of stem strength is required, I can through the use of film and application layers, or the use of a thick film and application layer can also be less, thus we can see the deterrence can be the same, however, is clearly different packaging mode and throughput.

The stretch film of the fpc1 machine usually stretches three times or more to a simple answer.

What is the correct answer? The stretch film, the machine is the factor that determines it, and we all know your product, the load and the target are the most important.

As you can see, this is the complete answer.

Stretching and tension and safety are very confusing.

Sometimes, people wrap plastic in a shrink film that you hear. What they mean, you know, but the stretch film is the right name, and of course we know there’s a reason for that.

The purpose of a modern stretch film is to stretch – but it may not be because of the cause or the extent of your imagination.




Load the diagonal – not just the dimension
We simply, building products are usually really big! For example, if it’s 4 by 8 inches of paper, it has 107 “diagonal lines”. Whether on a turntable or on a rotating package arm, this compares to the 63 “diagonals” of the standard 40X48 tray, which are different orders of magnitude.
Larger diameter turntables can be provided by fpc6 machines, as well as the “foundation extension” between the turntable and the mast can also be provided by the fpc6 machine. Different arm configurations can be used by fpc5 wrappers to extend the maximum packaging diameter. In general, these are not realistic renovations, so when you order, it’s very important to do it well.
What is the effect of ultraviolet ray and viscosities?
Outside, there are many building products that need to be used. Their resistance must be strong, such as resistance to the degradation of elements and ultraviolet rays. But we need to consider an earlier exposure. Usually, the place to store them is in the courtyard of the supply and timber yard. While this does not make the product itself worse, the deterioration of the stretch film will soon be caused. Because of the weakening of the stretch film, the pallet integrity is greatly damaged. The use of a stretch film containing additives is a common solution to prevent the rapid deterioration of the film due to ultraviolet radiation.
Usually, the stacked ones are building materials. That brings us to another question about motion picture slippage. Enough sticky chips need to be owned by you, so stacks of products will be piled up and stacked on shelves. On the other hand, enough slip that you have to be able to move them. The cautionary tale from carpet manufacturers is a complex example of a new carpet packaging being installed by them. From the ground to the ceiling, in a closed trailer, these are installed immediately after packaging. Unfortunately, people wrap them in a layer of plastic wrap, so they carry a layer of plastic… And receiving zone in the southeastern United States, in the summer, these products has been completely glued together, trailer was also filled with, so the roof had to be cut off, the purpose is can remove products!


pallet wrapping, stretch film
Many of the building products are dusty in the production and packaging environments – such as sawmills, mulch plants and gypsum factories. The rapid wear and tear of mechanical parts can be caused by dust. Special corrosion packaging can also reduce wear and tear in dusty environments. Special motors and reducers are usually included, such as fpc3 electrical switches and control panels, precision bearings, galvanized conveyor, etc. Some additional plans are needed if specifically applied. For example, if you stretch in brick and block plants, the amount of dust that falls from the product to the conveyor belt will be needed. This means that the fpc4 wrappers are usually the best fit for this type of application, allowing the dust to fall into the power wheel and can be avoided.
Its weight has also changed – resulting in a shift from light to heavy.
We all know that not all building products are heavy. In fact, some things, like foam panels and other insulating products, weigh very little. In contrast, other things, such as drywall, paint and paint, bricks and so on, can be very heavy in weight. The specifications and design of fpc5 are not only affected by these differences, but also the proper style of packaging is affected by these differences. Very light products and very heavy products are usually packaged in the same kind of packaging. They usually pack in fpc3 packaging, but they choose fpc3 packaging for different reasons.
You can rotate a tray with a light product that can be rotated to the stretch film as a turntable. A fpc5 wrapper around the load rotation film is a fpc5 wrapper. In contrast, it is the heavy product that is not distorted, but over time the over wear of the power turntable may appear. The need for the rotary table was eliminated by fpc3.


pallet wrapping, stretch film
Once you have your standard, and to apply them to each load can be, so, we can see that there is a very good results, is the effective tensile packaging is no longer a problem. This is not the main cause of transit damage. In fact, this is good news in some ways, but it will get better and better.
The packaging for your standard also reduces the risk of other damage. Things that are not neatly aligned can be made up for by it. Or the load that doesn’t fit the tray can be made up. Even in reducing primary packaging materials, it can help. You can think of bottled water.
The cost of lost products is high, about billions of dollars a year. There are some injuries you can hear, such as when we refuse a truck. But may not report some damage, for example, such as when a load must be reused, or when the product in the worst in the shop, and can not be sold or discount. We all know that there is a cost to this kind of damage, and it is unnecessary to waste precious resources.
Better tensile packaging can help overcome the problem of product damage, so that costs can be reduced and environmental damage can be reduced. In our free web seminars, packaged with repair of common problems, you can to know more about reducing the risk of damage to the knowledge, you can know how to solve common packing problem.
We also have special consideration for the application of stretching packing.
In L, a broad stretch packaging product line and decades of experience are all owned by us, so what a stretch wrapper can do is very limited to what we always believe. If it can be taken to the bag area, then we can wrap it up, and that’s our philosophy. That is to say, sometimes there are special considerations.


How does packaging reduce the risk of damaged pallets?
The main reason why you may be surprised to find out that the product is damaged in transportation is the main reason for stretching the packaging. The main reason for the damage is that it depends on the effective stretching packaging. In fact, only buying or owning a good stretch packaging can not guarantee a safe load of 100 percent. But how do you use fpc1?
What are the measures to reduce the risk of injury?
No matter which stretch of the packaging is owned by you, or how you build your transport operations, you can achieve the goal of reducing the risk of transport loss by following two steps:
We also set the standard for your packing. And always meet those standards.
This is the set of three key criteria.
Simply put, if the standard is important you don’t know that setting the standard is not enough. Generally speaking, no matter what your specific operation is, there are three standard stretch wrap operations here.
Then. What are the three key criteria? Can use appropriate containment everywhere on the load, we can also load to lock, lock it in a thin film on the cable, and the long tail or drag and drop film can be eliminated.
The last two are the same for everyone, but finding the right control is what you need to do. We also have practical experience – what is work? Work is the best indicator. But if you don’t know what your containment is supposed to be, or if the data isn’t owned by you, then we can help you and give you some guidelines. You can learn more about how much of a different load will be needed.
It is also possible to learn more about setting these three criteria.
Pack your standards.